Making Plans after Me Made May 16

So originally I had a real downer on Me Made May – seeing it as constraining, just an excuse to show off and, most of all, hard work – but for exactly those reasons, I loved it!

I really enjoyed constructing me-made outfits, delving deep into my handmade wardrobe to dig out old forgotten gems. It also helped me have a good old clear out of some makes that I don’t or shouldn’t wear, like this VERY short full circle skirt!


A very old photo- no way am I getting that much leg out now!

I find it really hard to get rid of clothes I am attached to and have fond memories of wearing – especially me-mades.

By sharing my Me Made May makes I used Instagram a lot more and started to make more connections on there, I really enjoyed seeing what other makers were wearing every day and their new projects coming together too.

Me Made May gave me good overview of what I wear regularly and gave me good reason to  analyse what I wear and what’s missing from my hand made wardrobe.

round up

A little snippet of my Me Made May 16 outfits

The main thing I learn is that I like lots of different styles.

I like fitted clothes rather than looser fits, I like bold patterns but often forget to make plainer clothing so outfit building can be a bit tricky.

During this month I made quite a few items too – By wearing my makes I was inspired to make more.

I finished off my long awaited Tilly and the Buttons Coco top made from some gorgeous sweat fabric I picked up from Guthrie and Ghani back when Freya and I went on a research trip there last June!

I made 2 Agnes by Tilly and the Buttons long sleeve tees – the weather was miserable for most of May and I needed layers! I made this one first and lost the neck band! so I decided rather than cutting out another 1/2 m of fabric I’d just stay stitch then turn under the neckline and twin needle top stitch – It worked really well and I made my 2nd navy blue top in the same way.

I added a little bow to each of them at the neckline to personalise them. One of my New year’s resolutions this year was to use embellishments in my makes more. I really like the little tabs I’ve started putting on some of my makes and must remember to incorporate little details like this into my designs more.

laurel agnes and slipper

I also dug out this simple tee embellished with an upcycled sequin heart motif – I really like this and must do more upcycling and embellishment like this!

So onto the ‘Making’ plans…

These are the things I need more of in my wardrobe:

  1. Skirts- casual skirts and formal skirts
  2. Tops top go with the skirts- something I am terrible about doing is not making matching tops to go with the lovely bottoms I make – like the gorgeous lace pink skirt I made in February but still haven’t made a top to go with!
  3. Agnes tops -in prints and plains – long sleeved for layering and short sleeve too- maybe I’ll try a Sewaholic Renfrew too
  4. Day dresses- I weirdly have very few me-made dresses! That still fit me!
  5. Jeans – I have a pair cut out and waiting for me – i just need to sew them!
  6. A coat – the main thing that let me down from wearing full me-made outfits
  7. Jeggings – I have the self drafted pattern and the fabric- no excuses!
  8. Jumpers for layering – I really like my Coco sweat so maybe more of those, or I also like the Sewaholic Fraser although not really with pleather yoke like the sample on their site! This is a nice version by A Stitching Odyssy

So that’s, well, just about everything! Better get planning!

As I do I will bear in mind the other lessons I learnt:

  1. Add embelishements – tabs, bows, beads, embroidery – Just a little something to make it personal
  2. Make tops to go with skirts
  3. Fit clothes properly then I will actually wear them!
  4. Make layers

All in all it was a good month – even if it has created EVEN MORE ideas and work for me 🙂 TO the stash….



I might be just about getting there…

It’s Tuesday night and I’m feeling all-right! I might have actually struck a good balance between work and play over the past week…or it might be something to do with me sorta- kinda having had 3 days “off” in a row. This week as well as my usual Monday and Tuesday away from the shop, I had a bit of down-time enjoying a peaceful day bimbling around in Leicester. Helen, one of our lovely tutors came in to teach a lampshades workshop and then Roman blinds in the afternoon so I was free to spend a relaxed day out with Matt. We started with brunch at St.Martins, a delicious squash and coconut curry for me, burger and chips for Matt!  Then made our way to the New Walk Gallery to see the Open 27 exhibition. I’m always astounded at the talent that breeds in our small city- Leicester is a humble place in terms of creativity with commerce and consumerism usually finding a much louder voice so I always look forward this annual exhibition which shows it off.

In fact always enjoy a trip to the New Walk Gallery at any time. Last time we went there was an exhibition on the Gujarat region of India which was enlightening. This visit there was also an open day for the Rajcot Twinning association. Intrigued, me and Matt made our way through the back corridors of the museum to a meeting room where we were welcomed by the secretary and encouraged to try some Indian dancing.As well as this they were making paper flowers and there were Colouring activities and henna mehndi demos. It was an unexpected treat! The only thing that really frustrates me about Leicester’s approach to creative culture is that it can be a but all behind closed doors. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places but I always seem to hear about things after they have happened- there seems to be a bit of a communication barrier when it come to letting the people of Leicester know about all the exciting creative things happening in their city. I’d love to know how other cities do it. I always seem to be hearing about something cool happening in London, Birmingham or Manchester.

So that was Sunday.

I told myself I had to spend Monday sewing- which of course didn’t work! After a ‘quick check’ of the emails, I spent most of the morning re-doing the parties page on our website. We had had 3 enquiries about kids and adults parties so I figured this was the kick up the bum I needed to finally update the pages, a task I’d unsurprisingly put off for some time!

So I am starting to realise something about myself! I do not do plans on my day off! If I plan a project- even if it is something I want to do- or worse, need to do- I will not get it done! at least not until I have done several other things first. So I just went with that yesterday and today. I just did waht i felt like doing, around a few pre-planned events like going to the doctors. I updated the workshops for May,I went to the doctors and bought some fruit, I paid in a cheque, I overlocked the raw edges of some PJ bottoms, I started a cross stitch project I bought 3 months ago, I made a poster for our sewing cinema event, I cut and sewed a bit more of the Mortmain dress I’ve been working on, I painted the walls but not the ceiling in our bathroom, I went for a pint with Matt.

I did a lot of things! A little bit of a lot of things withour too much of an agenda. And that’s what I learnt works for me. Horray!