Plastic free July – The things I’ve learned

I don’t think I’ll ever go completely plastic free due to our busy lives and also preferences for particular products which aren’t available without plastic packaging.

It’s interesting when you start to take a look at reducing personal consumption of plastic packaging in everyday life and you realise how much packaging has been actually changed to plastic over the last 10 years. With all the talk of reducing plastic packaging, this just seems a bit crazy. KitKat‘s, for example, used to be wrapped in foil and paper – both easily recyclable. The old foil wrappers in a tin of Roses or Quality Street are now plastic – this seems ridiculously backwards on an environmental level.

Most of these items that have been encased in plastic wrapping are what I would class as treats which I wouldn’t have very often and it’s a shame that they now come with a side helping of plastic induced guilt for me.

Weetabix used to wrap their product in paper, but it now comes with an internal layer of plastic laminated to the inside of it this making it non-recyclable.

On the spokesperson explains their reasons for this decision:

“Weetabix takes its responsibilities to the environment very seriously and develops its packaging primarily to protect the quality, safety and shelf-life of its products – wasted food is far more damaging to the environment than packaging.
We are signatories to the Wrap Courtauld Commitment and as such have demonstrated our commitment to using the most environmentally conscious materials which meet the needs stated earlier.
This new wrap contains a plastic layer to provide the necessary product protection, which means that it is not compostable. The paper used in this new packaging is from a sustainable source.”

So yeah, I do get it, wrapping stuff in plastic makes it last longer but how long do we really need it to last? I have never had Weetabix long enough for it to go off or not taste fresh. This is really frustrating as it’s something I have daily and get through a lot of. I haven’t found an alternative brand that doesn’t use plastic- if you find one that still uses plain old paper please let me know!

So, what am I going to do differently from now…

The first step for me is awareness, I do a lot of my shopping online, especially now that we have a baby, but the problem with that is you don’t get to see the packaging before buying the products. So I’ll be heading into Morrison’s where we usually do our online shop and checking out the packaging and making notes of anything that can be swapped out for a plastic free option.

The main thing I’m going to change is not buying multipacks of things. I bought a multipack of four cans of tomatoes and four cans of baked beans, both came coupled together with a layer of plastic which is completely unnecessary and I removed straightaway before putting them away in the cupboard, so it was complete and total waste.

This also applies with vegetables- buying a 3 pack of pre-packed peppers for instance.

Annoyingly buying these separately costs more but it’s a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

I’d love to know what simple changes you’re making to reduce your plastic consumption.

Plastic Swaps- Toothbrush

So this is the first in my plastic swap series looking at things that I’ve swapped out for non-plastic alternatives. I’ll pledge to try out the swap for a month and let you know how I get on and if I plan to keep the swap or drop the swap.

Swap – Toothbrush

Why swap?
over 3.5 billion toothbrushes are thrown away in the US every year, this amounts to over 1000 tones of polypropylene plastic and nylon going into landfill!

In New Zealand they’ve even got a Toothbrush wall – it’s not just a joke on Flight of the Concords! It was started as a bit of fun, but it does highlight the huge number of plastic toothbrushes that are thrown away.

Swap options:

Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo is a natural cellulose fibre which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The fast growing plant is easily renewable so helps avoid further deforestation. Most bamboo toothbrush brands are packages in card so this is bio-degradable too, they retail at around £3 in the UK. The bamboo handle is compostable and the nylon bristles are apparently recyclable although I’m not sure how you’d remove them to put them in the recycling with getting them everywhere!

Another option is the bio-brush. German based Life without Plastic ( @LifeWoutPlastic ) designed a brush with bristles made from pig hair with a handle sculpted from sustainably harvested beech wood. It is the only plastic free toothbrush on the market. Sounds ok but I’m not keen on putting pigs hair in my mouth!

So Bamboo it is…

My swap:

Bamboo from the Just Shop in St.Martins Square, Leicester, because it’s convenient.

Getting used to the feel of a bamboo toothbrush is the major hurdle. After a few days I was fine with it although it does make my tongue tingle a bit! My husband Matt, on the other hand, was not keen. It was a bit like nails on a chalk board to him.

The bristles feel like a plastic toothbrush’s. One thing to note is that you don’t get the springiness I the handle like you do on some plastic brushes so you have to be careful not to brush too hard- as you can see I am a hard brusher!

The other thing to watch out for is mildew and mould. I find this can happen with plastic but comes off more easily. With bamboo, once the mould is set in it’s going nowhere.

The brush is also now showing signs of degrading – which, in a way, is reassuring as it shows it will break down after use!

Swap or drop?

Think I’ll stick with this one, it’s an easy swap. Once you get used the wood-in-mouth thing!

Plastic packaging pitfalls already!

Plastic packaging is everywhere! Even when the company is going to an effort in so many other ways!

Take this for example – biodegradable paper straws in biodegradable cardboard box printed with food safe ink (it says so on the side!) – with a non-recyclable plastic window! Gahhh!

It is impossible to buy meat without it being encased in a layer of shrink-wrapped plastic. And you cannot buy a lettuce, even from our local greengrocers, which isn’t encased in plastic film.

I think it comes down to this, we’ve got to get used to seeing less of our food before we buy it!

That’s no mean feet, with food scandals and the like there is definitely a level of distrust when I comes to food buying.

We need to trust that the images on the outside of the box are representative of what’s inside. And companies need to create that trust by using great photography and illustration and not relying on a plastic window.

This is one thing that drives me mad too – plastic sealant on glass jars. I specifically didn’t buy the brand of peanut butter that I usually buy because they’ve now put it in a plastic jar! But I still have to deal with “plastic-gate” no matter what!So much of this is about trust though. We need to be able to trust manufacturers are looking after our food before it gets to us and we need to be able to trust that other customers aren’t meddling either.

Iceland is the first UK supermarket to introduce a new plastic-free “trust mark”, allowing shoppers to see at a glance whether products use plastic in their packaging.

The label will be prominently displayed on food and drink products, making it easier for consumers to choose greener alternatives. Sounds good to me!

You can read more here

For today’s lunch I was super organised and made myself a delicious couscous salad. How long this level planning will continue I don’t know! Probably until about Thursday!

Sarah x

Can I really go “Plastic-Free?”

Plastic- right now it’s about as popular as a cockroach in your kitchen. But it’s there lurking on every surface, in every cupboard and pantry! Sneaking up on you when you least expect it!

It’s unavoidaiable… or is it? I’m going on a mission to find out how to dodge the peril of plastic overload!

#plasticfreejuly is a hashtag challenge on instagram. The organisers of plastic free July compel us to ‘Choose To Refuse’ single-use plastic during July.

I love this graphic from supporter @treadingmyownpath with some top tips on where to start!

The aim of the challenge is to help us change our habits, supporting behaviour change to habitually #choosetorefuse shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups – to name a few. Sounds do-able, sounds like it would make a real change, I’m in!

This conveniently coincides with opening of Nada, our new neighbours at Crafty Sew&So in St.Martins Square.

Nada is a zero waste shop meaning they aim to be Leicester’s first plastic and packaging free store.

So how it works is you to bring your own containers, glass jars and bags to refill directly from a bulk supply of various dry goods, liquids and household products. But unlike those old skip shops I remember going to as a child, Nada has invested in gravity dispensers which provide hygienic way to dispense all kinds of food. Buying in this way also reduce food waste as you only buy what you need. Sounds like a win!

They will also enable you to buy all you would need to help you on your way to living without plastic, with a range of bags, glass containers, toothbrushes, straws and reusable cups and bottles and even more to help reduce single use plastic in your everyday life. Nada will offer all the staples you will need for your kitchen, bathroom and everyday life.

I signed up to their crowd funding campaign to support their launch thinking this would be the the perfect kickstart for my challenge too.

So I’ve decided to spend first week of my challenge looking at what plastics I use and dispose of.

I’ll take a look at what plastics I use everyday and what I throw away and then work out what I can replace these with.

I really think there are going to be some easy swaps but I can already see some things which will be very hard to source without plastic getting in the way. Milk for instance! I’m pretty sure we don’t even have a milkman that I could sign up to have milk delivered from in glass bottles.

So here’s how day one has gone so far…

Day one – lunch, and my first hurdle. I decided I needed to get out of the house, it’s my one day off this week and I needed a refresher before diving headfirst into work tomorrow. So headed out along Queens Road towards Victoria Park. This presents a range of tempting offers but having been off work for the last two weeks getting married and on my honeymoon (more on that in a future blog post!) my budget is somewhat depleted (the perils of being self-employed) and I expect this will be one of my downfalls in this challenge.

I could go for something exotic from Sainsbury’s, maybe a peaking duck wrap or a smoked salmon sandwich. But they are all presented in air-sealed non-recyclable plastic containers. So instead I opted for the local bakery, a slightly tired and old-fashioned looking place but the lovely lady serving inside makes up for that and I (paper) bag myself a egg mayo with salad on brown cob.

No plastic in sight!

Like a good little zero waster, i’ve got my Morsbag with me ready to fill up with fresh fruit and veg from the grocers, but alas, it doesn’t open on Mondays now – when did that happen?! Pftt! Shrink wrapped cucumber from Sainsbury’s it’ll have to be then!

I’m thirsty but I forgot to bring a refillable bottle with me so I guess I’ll just have to wait until I get home. This challenge is going to be a test of my organisation and my memory as much as anything!

Sarah x

Wedding fair fun at Bawdon Lodge Farm

Yesterday I was at Bawdon Lodge Farm wearing 2 hats! As well as attending as a punter taking the chance to soak up the a wealth of inspiration at this fantastic fair, I was there with my crafty stall letting everyone know about the fab hen parties and events we have to offer at Crafty Sew&So.

I was in the pop up shop area along with a host of lovely makers and wedding suppliers including Florence and Bow, Tickety Boo, Burleighs gin, Polly and me, mi +my and Ruby Lous treat co. 

My neighbours for the day mi+my made very cute mini wooden teepee table centre pieces and shared some top Instagram and wedding tips with me over the day too! I was asked by the lovely owner of Bawdon Lodge Lyn Bailey, to make some bunting to decorate the teepee. I made it using craft foam and I’m really happy with how it turned out – plus it was super easy. I’ll definitely be making some more of this for future events and maybe my wedding. 

We’ve had lots of interest in party packages for ladies looking for something a little different to do for their hen dos and other celebrations. 

Here’s a small selection of some of the projects suitable for parties.
To find out more about our party packages take a look at our parties page HERE

Having recently booked my wedding venue, Waltham on the Wolds village hall, I enjoyed picking up a few ideas and some lovely inspiration from the fair. This simple cutout lettering frame is really lovely and I love these cut out lettering cake toppers by Polly and me. Owner Ali is lovely and (as well as being very kind and letting me borrow her phone charger for the day,) she told me about her calligraphy workshops which I’m really interested in checking out. 

The tables in the main teepee were styled by Tara from Tickety Boo events. I love all the green foliage on this dressed table which sits really well on the pine slatted trestle tables. 

She used a marbled paper table runner, an effective way to display the wedding breakfast menu. 

These gorgeous blooms in the bar area confirmed our colour palette of orange and yellow in my mind

I also enjoyed some very yummy tasters from Thomas the Caterer and look forward to finding out more about what they have to offer. 

All in all it was a great day talking to lovely people and spreading the Crafty vibes a little bit further to a brand new weddingy audience whailst soaking up a bit of inspiration myself too! 

Happy Sewing! 

Sarah x

A day of sewing with new blogging friends!

I am trying ever so hard to keep finding time to sew for me not just for work- it’s weird that it’s so hard! Yesterday I went to my first ever blogger’s meet up. It was a really fun day and I loved meeting some of the blogger’s I’ve been following and making some great new blogging friends too.
The event was hosted and organised by Sew Essential, an online haby, fabrics and sewing machine retailer.
Freya, Bekki and I drove up together and it was really nice to go on a Crafty Sew&So outing with the team but also with the mindset of a stand alone blogger and hobby dressmaker too. We all tried our best not to talk too much about work and focus on sewing as a hobby. I couldn’t help myself though and did talk quite a bit about the shop and bought a pattern cutting book I’ve had my eye on for a while with the 10% discount on offer. I also picked up a Prym clamshell purse kit as it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while.
We settled down for an intro from Lucy, the company’s social media and marketing director, then enjoyed yummy breakfast nibbles including my favourite almond croissants and big juicy fresh strawberries (I know they are probably from Egypt but they always get me excited that summer is coming to us too!) plus copious tea. Then we had a tour of the warehouse and a spot of shopping and lots of chatting.
We then set about a little crafting project creating hand hoop embroidery monograms, I didn’t get that far with mine but have been working on it a little bit since and I really like how it’s coming along. I’m going to get another mini hoop and make an ‘M’ for Matt too 🙂
We then all went out for afternoon tea at a really sweet restaurant called the Lakeside Bistro. I could definitely do this more often!
I met lovely Charlotte of englishgirlathome. She runs monthly sewing meetups with Midlands Sewcialists and I’m really looking forward to going to the next one in Birmingham with Freya at the end of the month.
Charlotte was wearing a fab Emery dress in a really sweet soda pop print fabric (why didn’t I ask here where it was from?!).
I also met Kat from akraftykat who had made herself a lovely maternity dress in this fab Girl Charleejersey fabric (again why did I not get a photo?! I will get better at this I promise!)
And I spent a bit of time getting to know Crafternoon-tea hostess Samantha of CreateItSamantha


Samantha, also wearing a lovely floral print handmade dress- Putting florals on my make it next list!

It’s a bit silly but I really did have trouble trying to decide what to wear. It’s a good thing as it was because I actually had a fair few outfits to choose from! I thought about wearing my Ginger jeans and Granville shirt but they were in the wash, or my red polka dot 40s style dress but I decided it was a bit too formal, so instead I wore my latest make, a lightweight denim Colette Laurel dress- this felt like a very good choice as I could layer it over a vest, I do love a bit of layering, and pop a cardi over. I also wore one of our cowl infinity scarves- I am pretty much never seen without one these days! At the last min I grabbed a scrap of fabric and used it as a hair band. I tied it round my head which looked quite fun.
Inspired but my last minute accessory grab, I set to work yesterday on a proper headband based on something I’d seen a while back somewhere.
I made 2 of these yesterday. I’ll be making another one today for Freya in the red floral fabric to the right.

I’m having a non-selfish sewing day today and FINALLY starting on Matt’s shirt- it’s cut out and ready to sew – and the headband for Freya plus a little bit of patchwork too.

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A very crafty 2 days at Stitches 2016

Hey there! Phew buiiiiiisy weekend! Freya and I were at CHSI ‘Stitches’- a ma-hoo-sive trade show at the NEC in Birmingham. We had a really great time and discovered so many innovative, inspiring and beautiful products I’m so excited right now!

We got to the show on Sunday morning buzzing with expectation and excitement!

Moda, a fashion buyers show, was on at the same time in the next hall.
There was a marked difference in the clientèle for each show! Moda was all skinny ankle carrot jeans, inch of make-up, flouncy coats and sunglasses- and that’s just the boys! I had a real moment of realisation that I might have finally found the real me as we walked past versions of my past self and towards the Stitches entrance to see handknit-clad, slightly dishevelled- in a creative way- types smiling as they looked forward to a day of crafty inspiration.

We made a bee-line for the seminars and workshops booking stand to see if we could get in to one of the clock making workshops for the following day but unfortunately we were a bit slow off the mark.

We’d scheduled in for a few seminars anyway which proved to be nice rest breaks between shopping! The first was on blogging (don’t you love that blogging still comes up in a spell check btw!) with our lovely new friends Hannah and Rosie from The New Craft House.


As award winning bloggers, they gave some great tips on how to write interesting content to keep you guys coming back for more. Hopefully you’ll see a marked improvement in my blogs!

As well as running a gorgeously inspiring blog – where it all started- they now sell a beautiful range of kits too! We bought the quilted make-up bag and hexi patchwork cushion cover kits for the Crafty Sew&So shop- I think they will fly out!


We also discovered These awesome PINK cutting mats! This brilliant company are really listening to what customers are looking for and took time to talk with us about what we looked for in a quilting accessories range- I’m really excited to get some of their really innovative products in – but I’m keeping schtm about what they are for now. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled on our Crafty Sew&So Blog for more!

ansio mat.JPG

We discovered so many new ideas- if I was to share them all this post would be like war and peace- but a bit more pink! But we’ll be sharing all our news over the next few weeks as new products come into store- so keep an eye on our facebook page

More importantly than all the lovely products, was something I’d not considered so much beforehand, It was great to get away from the shop and spend some time with Freya. As we get busier and workshops fill up and our days whiz by even faster than ever, it was great to have a chance to stop and reflect on everything we’ve achieved in the past 6 months and get really excited together about what the future will bring.

We went to the Craft awards on Sunday night which was fun- We’ve both never been to an awards show before so it was a nice end to the first day. That evening over dinner we talked about marketing strategies, staffing, doing up our office, systems to make everything work more smoothly and also social stuff too. It was really great.

I felt for Freya having to go into the shop on Tuesday- by Monday night my feet were aching and I was looking forward to enjoying a short lie in the next day but that night my mind was whirling around and I was awake by 7am designing display units in my head and recalling all the gorgeous fabrics we chose!

I spent most of Tuesday morning working on a social media plan, inspired by Warren Knight’s  brilliant social media seminar. I tend to get bogged down and properly ‘into’ this kind of thing and before I know it the day is gone so I pulled myself away from the computor and made up the rest of the blocks for our 6 week patchwork for beginners course.


I reeeeally enjoyed doing this and I can’t wait to put it all together now with the help of our fantastic teacher Harriet. We’re so glad she’s agreed to run another course on Thursdays starting in April.

Happy sewing

Sarah x



All dressed up for a very special day!

As the rain hammers down on our attic room window I can’t help but think that today is a very good day to stay in bed and reflect on how fantastic Saturday was!

Saturday 6th February was not only mine and Matt’s 2nd “anniversary” but also the wedding day of one of my very bestest friends Helen!

The service was very moving, there was so much love in the place! And Helen looked stunning. She wore a layered lace dress from Bradgate Brides with a huge train.

helen 1

Mark scrubbed up pretty well too- rather dashing I’d say!


I love a good wedding and seeing all my gorgeous friends looking even more beautiful than they always do!

My friend Lois wore a fab sparkly show stopper of a dress and looked stunning!


And there was a definite deep blue/purple trend going on!


I really loved Lucy’s geo print viscose jersey dress- I have a pattern quite similar to this and I think with a little persuasion she might come and make one with me at the shop!


Any chance to spend more time with this lovely group of ladies always makes me very happy! (*and their other halves too- yes Mark!)

helen and girls2

I’ve never been one to go all out with hair appointments, professional manicures and a whole new set of make-up but I do like the excuse to get all dressed up and make a bit of an effort. I’ve been so busy with running the business lately I’ve somewhat neglected some of the things that make me happy, like a bit of selfish sewing for a very special occasion! So I’m really glad I made time to make myself a dress for the day.

In my last blog post I wrote about the jacket I picked up when I was down in London for Helen’s hen do and the fabric I bought as well to go with it (not really thinking I would actually have the time to make the dress!)

Well, I knew I had limited time- one day in fact- and I am not the fastest of sewers- so I used my fail-safe 1950s dress pattern which I knew would fit.

I spotted this dress which I really liked in London but there were (as per usual) a number of things I thought I would change!


I liked the cut out back detail, the waistband and prom style skirt but I thought the duchess satin fabric had a bit too much body to hold the pleats properly and the skirt was mega short, also I’m not a huge fan of an exposed zip on formal dresses.


I really liked the tone on tone brocade in this dress and thought it worked well as a pleated style.

So I took those details and applied them to my own design and voila!

IMG_5413The Back… IMG_5416

(Shame about the bra strap- I need to train up my photographer to spot these things!)

I will probably give this a very good steam press to set the pleats before I wear this again

Here it is with the jacket…


I’d probably add an inch into the bodice and go a bit longer on the skirt if I were to do it again but overall I’m very happy with how it turned out. I really enjoyed revisiting some of my old commercial design skills; shopping for research, picking styling details I’d seen in other garments and incorporating them in my own style.

And last but not least my lovely Matt made his own tie for the wedding- with a bit of encouragement and a tiny bit of help- but not much! I think he looked gorgeous!


I’m not teaching this week as Freya is away on her Holidays in Brrrrr..lin! Apparently it’s about 3 degrees there so she’ll be glad of the new coat she made and her snugly ponte-roma Tilly and the Buttons Coco tops and dresses- read more about what Freya’s been making for her trip on her blog The Dressmaking Diaries

Hopefully I’ll find time for a bit of sewing this week in the shop between looking for new teachers for our workshops which are really increasing in popularity and planning April’s timetable. Hope you squeeze in a bit of stitch-time too!

Happy sewing!




London- it’s all your fault! (but I still Love you)

I’m feeling a bit down today, or is it exhaustion, I’m not sure? I think that’s it. I did have a nice lie in today and have been working on a new dress to wear for my friend Helen’s wedding next weekend which I always enjoy but I’m just a bit flat. I’ll take a look back at what I’ve been up to and why this might be- maybe that will make me feel better!

So as I mentioned my friend Helen is getting married- next weekend! It’s been lovely enjoying the build up to the wedding with her. I have missed out on a few things which makes me a bit sad, I used to see the girls a lot but I’ve let work take over a bit too much in the last 2 months – I haven’t made it to the weekly Tuesday meetups and I missed our annual Christmas meal for a sewing event- I caught up with them for drinks afterwards but it wasn’t quite the same.

So that’s made the 2 hen do’s I’ve been involved in for Helen even more special.

A few weeks ago we got together at the shop to make bunting as a group. We made this lovely Mr & Mrs Jones bunting and everyone had a go at using our fancy embroidery machine aka “The Beast” and made a few flags each. I then strung them all together with Hessian ribbon. She’s planning to have it hanging at her wedding reception which will be really special.


Then we went to London a couple to weeks ago for the BIG hen do! Oh my I had forgotten how much I love London! I lived there for 7 years, at uni and working before I ran out of money and energy and came home to Leicester. But I still love going back to visit, I love the feeling of knowing a little of the insider info on the good places to go but still constantly being surprised my how some things change so rapidly, whilst some stay the same.

We were staying in the east and we did an awesome treasure hunt around Hoxton and Shoreditch, I think it’s one of my favourite parts of London.

The rest of the hen do was fab. We went bowling at the All star Lanes then (after a disco nap!) we went to a restaurant called the Jones’ family project and partied the night away at the Electricity Showrooms.  I wore my new year ponte roma pink Chloe by Victory patterns dress. It was so comfy and I felt fab!


On the Sunday the girls caught an early train back to Leicester and I spent a couple of hours treating myself to a private date with the East end. I went to a little independent cafe and had a delicious almond croissant and a mocha and watched the market traders in the bustling back streets off Brick Lane.


I crossed Brick Lane and carried on down to Beyond Retro, a great vintage warehouse, then worked my way back up Cheshire Street dropping into a few of the vintage and unusual small shops along the way. There are some great shops down that street including The Duke of Uke- a fascinating ukulele emporium – and the gorgeous Porcelain & Red where the lovely owner let me try on several items of divine vintage clothing most of which were way to small as per usual including this beautiful simple tartan wrap skirt which is definitely going on my “to sew” list.

But I did find this gem! It’s a Chinese style brocade jacket and it fits like a dream- like it was made for me! Due to my pledge not to buy any new clothes last year I actually hadn’t bought anything for over a year until this- I’m really glad it was this lovely jacket which broke my shopping fast!


I then popped into (read- spent about an hour in!) another old favourite, The Laden Showroom. This shop is a great showcase of small brands and designers and always has something interesting in. I was so close to buying this shift dress but it was just a teeny bit too tight on the hips- I shouldn’t have had that croissant 😉 ! I loved the print and colours.

I then dropped in to the old Truman brewery which has now been converted into a permanent vintage market- there was lots to see- too much in fact- records, clothing from all eras, tat and treasures! So I had a quick swoop round but by then I was feeling a bit shopped out and ready to head over to South London to meet up with my very best uni friend Chloe for the longest noodle lunch and long overdue catch up.

…But then I spotted a fabric shop! Open- on a Sunday! Well I couldn’t not go in! It was a claustrophobic’s nightmare with rolls piled high and trims spilling out of the spaces between. But I spotted a beautiful mock silk jacquard in gold with a water lilly leaf design and I knew it was the perfect fabric to make a dress to go with my jacket. So I bought a couple of meters ignoring that I had just 3 weeks to make it around a whole heap of other commissions, projects, social events and running a shop!

SO I started the dress last week and surprisingly it is coming together really well. I’ll save the details for next week’s blog and hopefully share a few nice pics of me in it – hoping it gets finished tomorrow!

So yeah, turns out I don’t have quite the stamina as I did when I lived in London and that’s why I’m a bit pooped, but I had a fantastic time and actually yes I do feel better for writing about all the exciting and fun reasons why! Thanks for reading

Happy sewing!