The Sewing Weekender 2018

Well, what a weekend that was! After two years of not being able to attend the sewing weekender, this year I was finally able to go and join 100 sewists for a weekend of sewing fun!


Boz from @fabric.magpie kindly came to pick me up on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to drive to Cambridge. We talked non-stop about sewing all the way!

We excitedly pulled up at the front doors of the Murray Edwards College and were greeted by a smiling Kate ready to help us with our bags!

Whilst Boz parked the car I joined the queue and started chatting to some equally excited new sewing friends. My favourite thing about the weekend was just being able to smile at anyone and immediately start a conversation knowing they are totally on my wavelength!

My fear is always not knowing where to sit, seem silly as I am now full grown adult this must be some deep-rooted thing from school days! Everyone has their hang-ups hey! Fortunately, as I was halfway down the queue, there were only a few spaces left in the room so I parked myself and our bags down at the end of the long table in a fortuitous position near to the irons and overlockers and a bunch of really lovely people, win!


Immediately getting to know you chat started and I had a good nose at what everyone was making.

There was a whole lot of linen going on around me! Mary was making lilac linen Lander pants by True Bias and Yasmeen was working on a Marilla Walker Roberts Collection dungaree in a  beautiful smoked paprika linen.


It made me feel a bit sad I didn’t get round to making anything linen this summer – I got a bit of Linen FOMO! I’ll have to do something about that in time for my honeymoon in Sri Lanka in December!

There were several beautiful Tilly and the Buttons Stevie dresses and tops being made and worn. Natalie, who I was sitting near to was making a beautiful version in Cotton and Steel fabric and was wearing a gorgeous elephant print chambray version- I definitely want to make one now!


My favourite part of the weekend was getting to sew with my sewing piers. I get such a thrill from teaching new learners and seeing them discover new found skills but I don’t often get to sew with more experienced sewists and I found it fuelled my desire to sew more complicated makes. I enjoyed engaging with other dressmakers to ponder the best ways of doing things. I am definitely encouraged to engage more with my fellow sewists in the sewing community.

My fave makes of the weekend were:

Jodie’s Papercut Patterns Waver coat in gorgeous bright green twill


Jen’s beautiful welt pockets on her delicious mustard linen (again with the linen envy!) Deer and Doe Narcisse trousers


Boz’s stunning first placket in Beautiful cotton and steel gold on black signs of the zodiac fabric on her Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirt.

Elena’s Glorious Deer and Doe Myosotis dress in atelier brunette embroidered double gauze. I have half a metre of this to make a cami – wish I had more!

There are so many other amazing makes from the weekend and I’m loving scrolling through the #SewingWeekender on Instagram checking them all out and getting very inspired!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say what I actually made!

I whipped up another My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns Cosy Jersey Dress in this fab Bird and Blossoms Jersey. It was a bit rolly but I attacked it with the overlocker and it came together in no time!


Thanks so much to everyone who organised, attended and enjoyed the Sewing Weekender, you made it sew great!

Happy Sewing!

Sarah x

Hello 2018!

Hi guys, just checking in to say a very Happy New Year to you all!

I’ve been a bit absent over here on my blog and my personal vlog over in YouTube of late because I’ve been working on the very exciting “My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns” project.We successfully ran our Kickstarter Campaign and reached our target in time for the deadline at the beginning of December.

Since then we’ve been beavering away completing pattern testing, sampling, photographing, formatting the pattern instructions, arranging printing and sending out the kickstarter rewards. We’re now in the final push towards the launch and we will be celebrating with a lovely launch party on the 20th January at the Crafty Sew&So shop!

Take a look at the My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns blog to find out more and see all the designs!

So a new year always brings new creative plans! My plans for this year include:

– Making my wedding dress! Plus bridesmaids dresses, waistcoats for the boys, miles of bunting and a few other little secret plans!

– Replacing my much loved handmade items which are looking a little tired (handmade every day= actually wearing-out my handmade clothes 😩)

– Making lots and lots more versions of our MHW patterns!

I’m still toying whether to do a make nine – I know will make a lot more than nine garments so not sure if it will be that useful to me but some kind of plan will be needed!

I’m taking part in the 2018 secret valentines challenge #2018sve which I’m really looking forward to.Matt and I don’t tend to celebrate mainly because it’s massively commercial but also because it’s very close to our meeting anniversary on the 6th! We tend to go out for a celebratory burrito (not sure why but it’s a tradition now!) the weekend after.

I love the idea that we are encouraged to use only materials that we currently own. I’m really looking forward to seeing who I get and riffling through my stash to find the perfect fabric!

If you want to get involved in the SVE check it out at

o that’s most of the first half of the year planned out! I think things will probably be a little bit quieter and more work-focused in the second half as we hopefully prepare to launch a second range of patterns and plan for another Dressmakers Ball in 2019! So there are lots of exciting plans on the horizon!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and creative 2018!

Happy Sewing! Sarah x

Pretty birds travel maxi dress

I picked up a fab bird print fabric from the fancy silk store in Birmingham a few months back and I’d been looking for the perfect style to use it for ever since. It’s a really unusual lightweight non-crease fabric which needs more exploring…

It looks a bit like a crepe de chine  but on further inspection it turns out to be a very lightweight polyester and elastane mix fabric which has the look of a microfibre with the feel of an activewear or swimsuit fabric – very odd but absolutely perfect for travel dress as it’s super cool, scrunches up to nothing and needs absolutely no ironing! I made it just in time for our recent trip to Dinard in France along with my Pantalon Rouge! When traveling with hand luggage only it’s all about the non-crease, stretch fabrics!

Following in the footsteps of my sewing friend Jess, I decided to (kind of) jump on the bandwagon of the pillowcase dress after seeing her lovely version.

Who doesn’t love a 1 hour dress!

But of course I’m never one for keeping things simple, so rather than creating a channel to thread a draw string through to create the straps as shown in this fab Melly Sews tutorial, I decided to make life more complicated and rouche the front and back with gathering stitches then finished this off with self binding and little ties at the shoulder. It took a bit longer than the tutorial version but I really like the finished effect. 

It’s nice and cool worn loose but I loved it with a sparkly belt for a bit of holiday glamour! 

It was a bit chilly at night in Dinard so I’m glad I had this lime green cropped cardi already which goes really well.

Happy sewing!

Sarah x

Les pantalon rouge

I’m just back from a few days of French Adventures with Matt. We went for a lovely little break to Dinard (don’t worry, nobody else has heard of it either) in Brittany, North France. We bagged a bargain flight for £35 and an air BnB set us back the princely sum of £150 between us for 3 nights leaving a few euros for lots of delicious food and vin rouge! 

Even though it was a short trip I jumped on the excuse to make a few new items of clothing to wear on my hols. 

I picked up a fab bird print fabric in Birmingham a few months back and I’d been looking for a reason to use it ever since. I’ll write a bit more about this in a future post as it’s a really unusual lightweight non-crease fabric which needs more exploring… 

This trip was also a fantastic excuse to finally crack my nemesis- Trousers! 

And what better than a pair of jolly nautical red pantalons for my Vacances sur la mer! 

I have used the Sew Over It ultimate trousers pattern several times now and even after making several fit amendments post cutting out I’ve never been 100% happy with the final fit.

This might also have something to do with the fabrics I choose for my first 2 pairs- the first being a navy star printed stretch cotton which faded terribly and shrunk with each wash- after 3 washes they were grey, bobbly and ankle length – and pair 2 which I made from pink cotton sateen which started the day with some stretch but this disappeared throughout the day meaning by lunch I ended up with slouchy mum-pants and by the evening they looked like jogging bottoms (so I was informed by my wonderfully honest friend Emma!) 
So this time I decided to do this the right way. I used high quality cotton twill with elastane from out shop. It has brilliant stretch return and was a dream to work with. I made up the pattern in a size 14 as before but when I got to the side seams I basted these and tried on the trousers for fit. I then pinched, tucked marked, unpicked, re-pinned and sewed nearly every seam and dart to achieve the perfect fit. 

My fit amends included taking in 2cm at the top of the inside leg seam making the crotch scoop less dramatic and the rise shorter, taking in 5mm at each side seam above the hip to the waist, taking in the waist  darts, shifting the seam below the knee to pull it toward the back of my leg, and adding a waistband. I then did what I hadn’t done before and traced off the pattern and applied the changes to paper. 

I also added extra length but I’m still not sure I added enough. They are just a smudge short still. 

I finished the hems and waistband with hand stitching on the plane of the way over. It kept me out of mischief! I closed the waistband with a trouser hook and bar. 

One thing I didn’t do with this pair was trim anything so the larger previous seam allowances are still all inside making the seam quite bulky so I’ll trim these away and refinish the seams before I wear these again. 

Overall I’m pretty happy with these now. 

I just want to add some more length.  And maybe some pockets. Roll on pair number 4! 

Happy sewing! 

Sarah x

A Raspberry Cleo

I’m pretty sure that everybody in the sewing world is making a Tilly and the Buttons Cleo right now! 

So I thought I’d have a go too! 

I used this gorgeous cotton elastine cord in a lush rasberry pink. It’s the kind of fabric that looks even better after washing and plumps right up. 

I’ve loved this cord from day one of opening the shop and we have it in navy, red and brown too. It’s available in the crafty online shop at I made a lovely Grainline Moss skirt in the navy a couple of years ago which is an absolute staple in my wardrobe. I really must make another one in a different colour.

I also matched the perfect colour from our Metler threads range. I’ve become more fussy with my threads recently after failing miserably several times with cheap thread and a twin needle then finding the immediate satisfaction of a first time win using the higher quality thread.

There’s a fair bit of topstitching on the style so this makes matching the colour even more important. I would say if you can’t get an exact colour match go for a shade darker for this make. 

I tried out the triple stitch on my machine which creates a thicker  looking topstitch effect without having to buy a separate thread

 I lengthened the stitch to 3.5 and I’m pretty happy with the look of this.

Make was pretty straightforward following Tilly’s brilliantly concise instructions. Having read a few previous pattern reviews of the style I took advice and stay stitched the curved edges before making up the dress. 

And here’s the finished result. 

It was nice quick make and I’m glad that I got on the bandwagon and had a go but I don’t think the style really suits me. I don’t think shape of the skirt and the roomy waist really flatter my pearshaped figure. 

Having said this I do want to go ahead and make some tweaks to the pattern and remake the style. I plan to take in the waist and little and flare out the skirt slightly to create a more a line shape. I think I’ll have a go at making this up in some of the stretch denim we have in store and go to town on the contrast topstitching and hardware including proper dungaree buckles. I think one single pocket at the bust will also be more flattering on me. 

In the meantime I’m making another Cleo in bright pink cord for my friend emily’s birthday present- I gave her a choice of styles including the Grainline Moss skirt and the Tilly and the Buttons Arielle skirt and she went for the Cleo pinny dress. At least I’ve had a trial run! 

The above 3 photos are courtesy of The New Craft House, Tilly and the Buttons and Grainline Studio

Happy sewing! 

Sarah x

My Make 9 for 2017- sewing plans (in motion!) 

So I’m pretty late to the party but here’s my #makenine for 2017 and I’ve kinda cheated as I’m half way through a few of them but never the less here’s my plans for the next month or so!

1. Jelly roll strip blanket – with kantha hand embroidery (this one might take all year!)

I got this gorgeous Craft Cotton Co. textured plains jellyroll as a Christmas pressie and then found the Indian garden jellyroll which includes some of the colours and tones in beautifully, also by The Craft Cotton Co.

I really enjoyed the Bollywood theme last years Barefoot festival I’d love to bring a bit of the vibrancy into our home and garden

2. A comfy Rosie bralet to go with my Evie La Luve Bella panties (New favourite obsession!) Check out her gorgeous patterns and kits on Etsy

3. My third Sewaholic Granville shirt – nailed the cuff plaque it this time! I’m hoping to make a fourth this year as a shirt dress pattern hack

4. I will finally use the gorgeous printed liberty silk I bought four years ago in simple and classic style  (Yes the one I mentioned in my stash using up blog post a year ago!)

5. Swiped the last 2.5 m of our red based printed floral cotton for a Summery Sewaholic Nicola dress

6. The images online for the cloth kits vintage tea dress do you not do it justice at all. I’m making it out of a super drapey double crêpe in teal

One of my customers made it in this fab polkadot and cherry print at the weekend

6. After making a Tilly and the Buttons Cleo for me (more on that in my next blog post), I’m totally ripping off lovely Rosie from The New Craft House and making one in bright pink cord for my friend Emily

8. This one is going to be a bit of a labour of love! I’m making a Kelly cagoule with all the trimmings including a removable faux shearling lining – wish me luck!

9. I will FINALLY Make up my second pair of Closet Case patterns Ginger jeans which I have had cut out since February 2015!!!

Better get sewing hey!

Sarah x

A Coco with a pop of tomato and an Ochre cardi

I’m feeling very inspired by classic colour combinations with pops of surprising colour! 

I’ve not stopped wearing my ochre cardigan since Christmas, I love how it adds a bright splash of colour to my winter wardrobe

Looks like the high street is being inspired by a love of the mustard too! 

I’m loving this Fat Face window pairing ochre with the mid washed denim 😍

One of my first makes of 2017 is a Tilly and buttons Coco in spot printed ponti roma. I love the weight of this, it’s medium weight and hangs beautifully. The base colour is navy and it’s a dark shade with clean white spots. I’m very glad it didn’t run in the wash as I thought it might!

I added a little tomato red coloured pocket which I just love! 

I think food colours are very much inspiring my colour palette at the moment! 

This delicious soup was made by my sewing buddy Morven for one of our “table Tuesdays”. We try to meet up every fortnight and sew together- sometimes we might have other things which need to be done like admin etc, but it’s a really nice way to round off my weird weekend (Mondays and Tuesdays!) and nice to have company sewing or admining! She she made the most fantastic lentil and vegetable broth last time which I have begged the recipe for – Yuuuum! 

It’s my turn to host tonight and I’ll be doing smoked mackerel and butternut squash risotto – again with the yellow food! I’ll be working on my Evie la Luve Bella panties and Morven is making a kindle case. 

Happy sewing! 

Sarah x

Making Plans…Continued!

Continuing from last week I’m still wading through my stash and planing what to make with my long loved but, I’m ashamed to say, forgotten fabrics … until now!

Picking up at number…

8. Poly- viscose – matt- satiny stuff!


This feels lovely and is really slinky. I originally had it earmarked for a kimono-style jacket but over time I went of the idea thinking it might look a little too boudoir!

With that in mind I may just make myself a little nightie/slip dress by adapting the Tilly and the Buttons Fifi top into a little night dress. I love the little pleats under the bust and I know this fits really well as my Crafty business partner Freya kindly made me a set for Christmas 🙂


9. Soft brushed interlock jerseyIMG_6635

So it’s the length of this piece which makes it tricky. As a top I think it would be too short in the arms for a long sleeve but the weight of the fabric lends it to being a winter weight top – maybe a 3/4 sleeve would work. Not sure on what style though! This one will puzzle me for a while I recon! Any ideas?

10. Quilting weight cotton in navy gingham print with cherries and cream flowersIMG_6631

I have enough of this to make a sweet little sun dress with pleats in the waist. I’m thinking if I make one with built up straps I might get a bit more wear into autumn of it with leggings. This is my design so far. I’m going to have a go at drafting this pattern myself.

photo (2)

11. Printed cotton poplin- with a nice crisp feel – and co-coordinating polyester Indian shawl which could be used as liningIMG_6622

Originally I bought this to make a pair of trousers out of. I got distracted, ended up using some of it for a different project – a cushion or something- and now only have a small piece left. a mini pencil skirt maybe? Or maybe some smart shorts to wear with tights?

I love these high waisted shorts but I’m not sure if I would actually wear them – I might get the pattern and make trousers in black or something and see if I like the fit.


I have wanted to make the Sewaholic Thurlow trousers for a while too so maybe a shorts version in this fabric could work…


11. Shoe fabric – a remnant left over from making one of my absolute favorite makes – a Sewaholic Granville shirtIMG_6616

This quilting weight cotton will be made into a handy draw string shoe bag for transporting pretty ballet pumps to and from work whilst I’m wearing my clunky trainers with orthopedic insoles to save my feet. Since working in a shop, walking 3 miles to and from work and being on my feet a lot more in work I’ve had badass foot pain, leg aches and the like- not glamorous. The doctor said I might be getting bunions- eeesh! So I need to wear ‘sensible shoes’ to work. I usually remember to get changed out of them when I get to work and this little bag of joy will help!

12. Woven brocade from an Indian charity shop – via my friend Helen.IMG_6617

When Jenny bought this wonderful, vibrant brocade fabric into a class one day I cheekily requested that if she had any left could I buy it from her. A couple of weeks later, after she decided not to use it for her project she let me have it. I owe it to her to make it into something AWESOME! The other fabric is a polyester mix woven check which I think would work well as a lining- this fabric is pretty but pretty scratchy too. I’m thinking a high waisted pencil skirt maybe? or a shift dress?

Maybe the simple Sew Over It Ultimate Pencil Skirt or their Tulip Skirt. When the fabric is so special a simple shape works best.

Or maybe it could be a a dress. This shape is lovely – ooh – this could be my Christmas Party dress! I love the slightly squared scoop neckline and the little lined cap sleeves. This might deserve a better lining though…maybe the gold satin we have in the shop… got the ideas whirring now!


13. Onto something more practical. Polyester viscose lightweight jersey. This will make a great tiny pocket tee as our lovely volunteer in the shop, Bekki, has made several times now.

14. I have this small piece, a scrap basically of this cotton elastane jersey, which I love. I also have some cotton elastane plain black jersey too. I never make anything with panels, this is crying out for it!IMG_6630

But what pattern/style/shape? This colour/pattern block variation on the Coco by Tilly and the Buttons is interesting. I think I only have enough for a top though. would it work as a top…?


Maybe the Fraser by Sewaholic – when I first saw this I was put off by the Sewaholic sample version in punched pleather and sluby sweat but I really like the version below by Marie from A Stitching Odyssey. Yes I think this could work.

15. MORE pink ponte roma!IMG_6640

I’ve made a fab Chloe dress by Victory Patterns in this vibrant stretch fabric, and a matching cropped jacket, both of which I love. So I want to make something different with this remnant of fabric which came to me after discovering it was unsalable (small flaws which I can cut around).

I really like the Davie dress by Sewaholic – with colour block detail. I also have some grey ponte roma so I might try a pink and grey combo. If not it’ll end up as another TATB Coco!

davie sewaholic dress colour block

And last but not least – trims!

I have these lovely buttons which I picked up in London from Ray Stitch. It was the day I met up with my amazing friends Chloe and Laura and we came up with the name for my business Crafty Sew&So. These little shell buttons printed with black ink have a lot of sentimental value and therefore I can’t bring myself to actually use them on anything! One day I will!


And I have a ton of these buttons…


… which I think are calling out to be put on a winter coat… which means I need to make a winter coat! But that’s another blog post entirely!

Making plans… stash busting!

So after Me Made May (read all about how it went for me here) I decided to have a good sift through my stash and sort out lengths of fabric which I have enough of to be made into something.


Turns out I have some really nice fabric in my stash! I can remember where each and every piece came from. This can be a hindrance sometimes – I remember what i bought it for but may have gone off that idea since but can’t see any other use for it! So I tried to look at each piece in an entirely new light.

I measured and labeled up all my pieces so I know what I have to play with. I also trimmed off any stray weird shaped bits to make my fabric pieces more uniform- I find I am more likely to use them that way- do you? IMG_6636

So here’s what I have:


  1. An African Wax print – unfortunately not enough to make the fabulous peplum dress they made in the final task of last week’s Sewing Bee – but enough to make a skirt – maybe pleated tulip shape. I really like this style by People Tree.

People Tree | Purple Zandra Rhodes Skirt £90:

I might use the contrast fabric for the waistband or a contrasting hem band or make a matching bag

2. A printed Quilting Cotton picked up from The Village Haberdashery when I visited in January. I bought this to make a Colette Laurel after trying on a similar dress in the Lindon Showrooms on my last trip to London.

I still like it for a laurel I think. IMG_6598

I really like this scallop neckline idea from the Colette Blog so I might give that a go.

scallop neck

3. I have nearly a metre left of this cotton poplin left from making PJs, so I’m planning a Tilly and the Buttons Arielle – a short one as I only have a bit of fabric. If I need to I’ll do the facings in contrast fabric. I picked up these metal buttons in an antique shop in Nottingham and I think they will be perfect for this. they’re not too heavy and just the right size.

4. I do looove this border print and should have bought enough to make a dress with, but i didn’t! lesson learnt!


Feel like this will probably suit a gathered waist 50s style skirt best as the hem needs to stay straight to really show off the border print well. I think I keep avoiding this because it’s quite sheer so maybe I’ll line it with light weight white cotton sheeting.

Note to self: add side seam pockets!

5. Liberty silk -ahhhh soooo gorgeous!


I bought this years ago but have been too scarred to use it!!!

This would make a beautiful simple bias cut top I recon but really I’d like it to be a little bit looser than the usual style I make

I love this double layered effect but I don’t think I’ll have enough fabric-I’ll have to save this idea for a different fabric


6.Poly crepe – turquoise with white spots


Tilly has made a lovely Mathilde top and more recently a Bettine dress (which is high on my to-make list) in this exact fabric!


I only have a small piece so maybe this will be a simple tee with pin tucks-taking inspiration from the detail on the TATBMathilde top

7. Fabulous foxes quilting weight cotton by Robert Kaufman


So this hasn’t been in my stash for long, we only got it into the shop a few weeks ago, but as soon as I saw it i grabbed 2m and have been toying with what to make ever since. it’s a pretty bold pattern which calls for a simple shape. i did toy with using this for a skirt but I’d have the age old dilemma of what tops to wear with it. So when I saw the free pattern with this month’s Sew magazine I thought it would be a great match.


I was doubley convinced on seeing GBSB’s Charlotte in a similar dress in the grey colour way on last week’s episode.

fox dress

GBSB’s Charlotte, not in her finest hour, getting a telling off from Esme, but wearing a fabulous fox dress!

One of my lessons from my Me Made May round up was to make more fun day dresses and I think this fits the bill nicely. I’m going to make view C with little sleeves. I might lower the neckline a little too.

There’s a lot more in my stash so I’ll leave it there for now but do come back next week for stash busting- round 2!


Making Plans after Me Made May 16

So originally I had a real downer on Me Made May – seeing it as constraining, just an excuse to show off and, most of all, hard work – but for exactly those reasons, I loved it!

I really enjoyed constructing me-made outfits, delving deep into my handmade wardrobe to dig out old forgotten gems. It also helped me have a good old clear out of some makes that I don’t or shouldn’t wear, like this VERY short full circle skirt!


A very old photo- no way am I getting that much leg out now!

I find it really hard to get rid of clothes I am attached to and have fond memories of wearing – especially me-mades.

By sharing my Me Made May makes I used Instagram a lot more and started to make more connections on there, I really enjoyed seeing what other makers were wearing every day and their new projects coming together too.

Me Made May gave me good overview of what I wear regularly and gave me good reason to  analyse what I wear and what’s missing from my hand made wardrobe.

round up

A little snippet of my Me Made May 16 outfits

The main thing I learn is that I like lots of different styles.

I like fitted clothes rather than looser fits, I like bold patterns but often forget to make plainer clothing so outfit building can be a bit tricky.

During this month I made quite a few items too – By wearing my makes I was inspired to make more.

I finished off my long awaited Tilly and the Buttons Coco top made from some gorgeous sweat fabric I picked up from Guthrie and Ghani back when Freya and I went on a research trip there last June!

I made 2 Agnes by Tilly and the Buttons long sleeve tees – the weather was miserable for most of May and I needed layers! I made this one first and lost the neck band! so I decided rather than cutting out another 1/2 m of fabric I’d just stay stitch then turn under the neckline and twin needle top stitch – It worked really well and I made my 2nd navy blue top in the same way.

I added a little bow to each of them at the neckline to personalise them. One of my New year’s resolutions this year was to use embellishments in my makes more. I really like the little tabs I’ve started putting on some of my makes and must remember to incorporate little details like this into my designs more.

laurel agnes and slipper

I also dug out this simple tee embellished with an upcycled sequin heart motif – I really like this and must do more upcycling and embellishment like this!

So onto the ‘Making’ plans…

These are the things I need more of in my wardrobe:

  1. Skirts- casual skirts and formal skirts
  2. Tops top go with the skirts- something I am terrible about doing is not making matching tops to go with the lovely bottoms I make – like the gorgeous lace pink skirt I made in February but still haven’t made a top to go with!
  3. Agnes tops -in prints and plains – long sleeved for layering and short sleeve too- maybe I’ll try a Sewaholic Renfrew too
  4. Day dresses- I weirdly have very few me-made dresses! That still fit me!
  5. Jeans – I have a pair cut out and waiting for me – i just need to sew them!
  6. A coat – the main thing that let me down from wearing full me-made outfits
  7. Jeggings – I have the self drafted pattern and the fabric- no excuses!
  8. Jumpers for layering – I really like my Coco sweat so maybe more of those, or I also like the Sewaholic Fraser although not really with pleather yoke like the sample on their site! This is a nice version by A Stitching Odyssy

So that’s, well, just about everything! Better get planning!

As I do I will bear in mind the other lessons I learnt:

  1. Add embelishements – tabs, bows, beads, embroidery – Just a little something to make it personal
  2. Make tops to go with skirts
  3. Fit clothes properly then I will actually wear them!
  4. Make layers

All in all it was a good month – even if it has created EVEN MORE ideas and work for me 🙂 TO the stash….