Plastic free July – with a baby!

So as Plastic free July rolls around again, we’re welcoming a new addition to our family! Meet Edith, our 3 week old daughter!

She is adorable but also very loud and quite messy too!

A lot of her mess is cleared up with the genius that is baby wipes!

Did you know the majority of baby wipes contain or are predominantly made from plastics?

I HAD to find an alternative as we’d be using so many. So I did my research and bulk bought biodegradable wipes from Mum & You

Their wipes are biodegradable in normal landfill in 15 days!

Another alternative would be to make some reusable wipes from bamboo terry towelling cloth.

Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties so is ideal for this. It also dries quickly.

However, she is currently sleeping in our room so night-time nappies are changed up here and disposable wipes are making this process a whole lot more palatable at 3am at the mo!

However, when she’s being changed more downstairs in the nursery, next to the bathroom, we might switch to reusables.

We are also using Mum & You disposable biodegradable nappies at the mo. We will switch to reusables in a few months when we’re more settled into the changing routine!

As always, it’s one step at a time.

So that’s been our plastic free journey with our little lady so far. We really want her to have as low a carbon and plastic footprint as possible, and her main waste product is nappies and wipes so I’m glad we’ve nailed that one early!

One thought on “Plastic free July – with a baby!

  1. Claire says:

    I’ve run up some with 6-inch squares of fabric, overlocked around the edge single layer or with wadding. They are great for kitchen spills, sticky fingers, etc and then they get tossed in the wash (we are now using soap nuts instead of biodegradable plastic bottles). I’ve also made some smaller ones as make up removers.


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