Plastic Swap- Deodorant 2

Continuing my plastic swap series, I’m trying and reviewing non plastic alternatives for everyday items. I’ll pledge to try out the swap for a month and let you know how I get on and if I plan to keep the swap or drop the swap.

following on from my first Deodorant Swap I thought I’d try a few other alternatives

The first one I tried was a deodorant stick in a push up cardboard tube by Ben and Anna from Just Fair Trade. It was £10.

I like the packaging, the pushup tube is easy to use and not messy but I do have to press it down over the end of another narrower object to get it to push up towards the end as my fingers aren’t long enough!

It’s neat and portable so great for nights away, sports bag and holidays.

The main active ingredient is baking soda.

It also contains arrowroot powder which absorbs excess moisture and keeps the armpit dry.

It’s all bound together with coconut and sunflower oil and cornstarch.

This creates a solid stick which is a little tough to use when it’s cold. I tried wetting it with some warm water which helps it glide but makes it more messy.

I found it hard to put a thin layer on as suggested and as a result it did leave slightly crusty marks on my clothes.

Unlike Nudd, it is perfumed. I chose the Persian line and it’s lovely and fresh.

Swap or drop?

Swap – for travel – the packaging is very convenient- and on warm days! I like that it’s not messy and goes on fairly well when it’s warm. It’s pricey but smells move and has lasted fairly well- although I’m not using it regularly. I think if I used it everyday I’d get through it a bit too quickly for the price.

So the reason I’m not using it exclusively is I found another option… which I love!

Swap 3 is Aromaco solid deodorant from Lush at £5.50 for 100g.

I bought a long thin 120g piece. 2 months in and I’ve only used about half! It’s such good value and really works! It is a bit messy as there is no proper packaging but I tied some fabric around it to help me hold it and I keep it in a tin for storage.

It is brilliant, leaves no marks and glides on. And it works!

Swap or drop?

Definitely swap. It’s great value and works well. It’s fragrance free so I use it with my perfume.

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