Plastic swap-Toothpaste

Hi! After a brief hiatus due to lack of money – darn it, this experiment is expensive (but what’s the cost of saving the planet hey!) – I’m back continuing my plastic swap series with another plastic-free review. I’m trying and reviewing non-plastic alternatives for everyday items. I’ll pledge to try out the swap for a month and let you know how I get on and if I plan to keep the swap or drop the swap.

Swap – toothpaste in a glass jar

Why swap?

The Squeezy tube stuff I usually use is not recyclable at all and I’m not really sure what’s in toothpaste. What am I actually putting in my mouth twice a day?

Most commercial toothpastes contain artificial sweeteners, parabens, fluoride, whiteners, to name a few of the nasties.

And we’re putting them in our mouths! Hmmm.

Swap options:

So, you can make your own using this cool tutorial

but who actually has time for that!

I went on the search in my 2 favourite shops.

The Just store don’t have any in yet, but owner Kerry has been trying a charcoal version. Not sure if I fancy black toothpaste!

Nada, the new zero waste store in St.Martins Square sells Georganics toothpaste made out of Coconut oil and some other stuff I am assured is good, safe and organic! It comes in a cardboard box with some info about usage on it, then inside there is a recyclable glad jar with a metal lid. It was £6.50 for 60 mls.

My usual Colgate squeezy plastic tube is £1.20 for 100mls- but I probably only use 80mls though as the container makes it hard to get the last bits out.

The pot comes with a little bamboo spatula to ensure very last bit gets used.

My swap:

So… I’ve just tried the plastic and chemical-free toothpaste.

It’s weird!

It doesn’t foam and tastes kinda minty but, like, not good minty… like going to the dentists minty. But it’s not super sweet though like the standard tube toothpaste which is actually quite refreshing. Maybe I could get used to it … hmm 🤔

5 days on and I’m getting used to the non foaming. My teeth feel clean too, and I hardly had to use any.

A week in and I’m sticking with this one but I’m still not 100%. It has a weird, almost fishy taste which might come from the baking soda in the ingredients. I’m finding the lack of taste a bit off putting too although I used the tube stuff the other day as I was away from home and it tasted so super sweet and kind of stung my mouth.

3 week’s in, I still have 1/2 a pot left. I’ve used it every day and night apart from a few days where I needed a bit more freshness.

I choose the spearmint flavour and I am wondering if the other flavours might be a bit more punchy.

Swap or drop?

Nope, not convinced on this one. I want to find an alternative to the tube toothpaste but not this. I like the dispenser, it’s clean and easy to use. But the actual toothpaste is just not sitting well with me.

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