Plastic Swap – Deodorant 1

Continuing my plastic swap series, I’m trying and reviewing non plastic alternatives for everyday items. I’ll pledge to try out the swap for a month and let you know how I get on and if I plan to keep the swap or drop the swap.

Swap – Deodorant

Why swap?

Deodorant almost always is packaged in non-recyclable plastic packaging- even in the glass ones, the roller balls and caps are plastic.

Most deodorants contain lots of less than desirable chemicals including parabens (preservatives), alcohol (drying) and aluminium which can get into your lymph nodes and breast tissues.

Swap options:

There are lots of options for this including a paste in a jar or tube, pop up sticks in cardboard packaging and several other types of solid block deodorant.

My swap:

Nuud cream deodorant from

This cream contains micro silver as it’s main active ingredient.

The science bit:

Micro silver ions bind to negatively charged parts in proteins. These parts are essential to the life-supporting functions of the cells. By inactivation of these life-supporting functions the bacterial cells break down and die.

Okay then…!

It is packaged in a sugar cane tube which is compostable.

You have to apply it with your finger which is a bit weird, rubbing cream into my armpits! It washes off your hands easily though with a bit of soap. And at least my fingers won’t get sweaty!

The other weird thing is that you Don’t have to apply it every day. To begin with I did apply every day for the first three days then I skipped a day – a very hot day 28 degrees and although I did sweat, it didn’t smell at all!

I then started applying it every other day and it worked to stop any smell but I did get quite wet armpits. They recon you only have to apply it every 5-7 days for it to be effective and it lasts through exercising, being active or showering. I found 3 days was my max.

I found the cream messy to apply with my hands which was off-putting.

Also it’s pretty expensive at £13 for a tube which lasted me about 8 weeks. My usual deodorant costs £2 and lasts longer. But it is full of nasties!

Swap or drop?

Drop for now as there are lots more alternatives to try. But I may come back to this one…

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