The Sewing Weekender 2018

Well, what a weekend that was! After two years of not being able to attend the sewing weekender, this year I was finally able to go and join 100 sewists for a weekend of sewing fun!


Boz from @fabric.magpie kindly came to pick me up on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to drive to Cambridge. We talked non-stop about sewing all the way!

We excitedly pulled up at the front doors of the Murray Edwards College and were greeted by a smiling Kate ready to help us with our bags!

Whilst Boz parked the car I joined the queue and started chatting to some equally excited new sewing friends. My favourite thing about the weekend was just being able to smile at anyone and immediately start a conversation knowing they are totally on my wavelength!

My fear is always not knowing where to sit, seem silly as I am now full grown adult this must be some deep-rooted thing from school days! Everyone has their hang-ups hey! Fortunately, as I was halfway down the queue, there were only a few spaces left in the room so I parked myself and our bags down at the end of the long table in a fortuitous position near to the irons and overlockers and a bunch of really lovely people, win!


Immediately getting to know you chat started and I had a good nose at what everyone was making.

There was a whole lot of linen going on around me! Mary was making lilac linen Lander pants by True Bias and Yasmeen was working on a Marilla Walker Roberts Collection dungaree in a  beautiful smoked paprika linen.


It made me feel a bit sad I didn’t get round to making anything linen this summer – I got a bit of Linen FOMO! I’ll have to do something about that in time for my honeymoon in Sri Lanka in December!

There were several beautiful Tilly and the Buttons Stevie dresses and tops being made and worn. Natalie, who I was sitting near to was making a beautiful version in Cotton and Steel fabric and was wearing a gorgeous elephant print chambray version- I definitely want to make one now!


My favourite part of the weekend was getting to sew with my sewing piers. I get such a thrill from teaching new learners and seeing them discover new found skills but I don’t often get to sew with more experienced sewists and I found it fuelled my desire to sew more complicated makes. I enjoyed engaging with other dressmakers to ponder the best ways of doing things. I am definitely encouraged to engage more with my fellow sewists in the sewing community.

My fave makes of the weekend were:

Jodie’s Papercut Patterns Waver coat in gorgeous bright green twill


Jen’s beautiful welt pockets on her delicious mustard linen (again with the linen envy!) Deer and Doe Narcisse trousers


Boz’s stunning first placket in Beautiful cotton and steel gold on black signs of the zodiac fabric on her Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirt.

Elena’s Glorious Deer and Doe Myosotis dress in atelier brunette embroidered double gauze. I have half a metre of this to make a cami – wish I had more!

There are so many other amazing makes from the weekend and I’m loving scrolling through the #SewingWeekender on Instagram checking them all out and getting very inspired!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say what I actually made!

I whipped up another My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns Cosy Jersey Dress in this fab Bird and Blossoms Jersey. It was a bit rolly but I attacked it with the overlocker and it came together in no time!


Thanks so much to everyone who organised, attended and enjoyed the Sewing Weekender, you made it sew great!

Happy Sewing!

Sarah x

Plastic Swap – Deodorant 1

Continuing my plastic swap series, I’m trying and reviewing non plastic alternatives for everyday items. I’ll pledge to try out the swap for a month and let you know how I get on and if I plan to keep the swap or drop the swap.

Swap – Deodorant

Why swap?

Deodorant almost always is packaged in non-recyclable plastic packaging- even in the glass ones, the roller balls and caps are plastic.

Most deodorants contain lots of less than desirable chemicals including parabens (preservatives), alcohol (drying) and aluminium which can get into your lymph nodes and breast tissues.

Swap options:

There are lots of options for this including a paste in a jar or tube, pop up sticks in cardboard packaging and several other types of solid block deodorant.

My swap:

Nuud cream deodorant from

This cream contains micro silver as it’s main active ingredient.

The science bit:

Micro silver ions bind to negatively charged parts in proteins. These parts are essential to the life-supporting functions of the cells. By inactivation of these life-supporting functions the bacterial cells break down and die.

Okay then…!

It is packaged in a sugar cane tube which is compostable.

You have to apply it with your finger which is a bit weird, rubbing cream into my armpits! It washes off your hands easily though with a bit of soap. And at least my fingers won’t get sweaty!

The other weird thing is that you Don’t have to apply it every day. To begin with I did apply every day for the first three days then I skipped a day – a very hot day 28 degrees and although I did sweat, it didn’t smell at all!

I then started applying it every other day and it worked to stop any smell but I did get quite wet armpits. They recon you only have to apply it every 5-7 days for it to be effective and it lasts through exercising, being active or showering. I found 3 days was my max.

I found the cream messy to apply with my hands which was off-putting.

Also it’s pretty expensive at £13 for a tube which lasted me about 8 weeks. My usual deodorant costs £2 and lasts longer. But it is full of nasties!

Swap or drop?

Drop for now as there are lots more alternatives to try. But I may come back to this one…