Making Plans…Continued!

Continuing from last week I’m still wading through my stash and planing what to make with my long loved but, I’m ashamed to say, forgotten fabrics … until now!

Picking up at number…

8. Poly- viscose – matt- satiny stuff!


This feels lovely and is really slinky. I originally had it earmarked for a kimono-style jacket but over time I went of the idea thinking it might look a little too boudoir!

With that in mind I may just make myself a little nightie/slip dress by adapting the Tilly and the Buttons Fifi top into a little night dress. I love the little pleats under the bust and I know this fits really well as my Crafty business partner Freya kindly made me a set for Christmas 🙂


9. Soft brushed interlock jerseyIMG_6635

So it’s the length of this piece which makes it tricky. As a top I think it would be too short in the arms for a long sleeve but the weight of the fabric lends it to being a winter weight top – maybe a 3/4 sleeve would work. Not sure on what style though! This one will puzzle me for a while I recon! Any ideas?

10. Quilting weight cotton in navy gingham print with cherries and cream flowersIMG_6631

I have enough of this to make a sweet little sun dress with pleats in the waist. I’m thinking if I make one with built up straps I might get a bit more wear into autumn of it with leggings. This is my design so far. I’m going to have a go at drafting this pattern myself.

photo (2)

11. Printed cotton poplin- with a nice crisp feel – and co-coordinating polyester Indian shawl which could be used as liningIMG_6622

Originally I bought this to make a pair of trousers out of. I got distracted, ended up using some of it for a different project – a cushion or something- and now only have a small piece left. a mini pencil skirt maybe? Or maybe some smart shorts to wear with tights?

I love these high waisted shorts but I’m not sure if I would actually wear them – I might get the pattern and make trousers in black or something and see if I like the fit.


I have wanted to make the Sewaholic Thurlow trousers for a while too so maybe a shorts version in this fabric could work…


11. Shoe fabric – a remnant left over from making one of my absolute favorite makes – a Sewaholic Granville shirtIMG_6616

This quilting weight cotton will be made into a handy draw string shoe bag for transporting pretty ballet pumps to and from work whilst I’m wearing my clunky trainers with orthopedic insoles to save my feet. Since working in a shop, walking 3 miles to and from work and being on my feet a lot more in work I’ve had badass foot pain, leg aches and the like- not glamorous. The doctor said I might be getting bunions- eeesh! So I need to wear ‘sensible shoes’ to work. I usually remember to get changed out of them when I get to work and this little bag of joy will help!

12. Woven brocade from an Indian charity shop – via my friend Helen.IMG_6617

When Jenny bought this wonderful, vibrant brocade fabric into a class one day I cheekily requested that if she had any left could I buy it from her. A couple of weeks later, after she decided not to use it for her project she let me have it. I owe it to her to make it into something AWESOME! The other fabric is a polyester mix woven check which I think would work well as a lining- this fabric is pretty but pretty scratchy too. I’m thinking a high waisted pencil skirt maybe? or a shift dress?

Maybe the simple Sew Over It Ultimate Pencil Skirt or their Tulip Skirt. When the fabric is so special a simple shape works best.

Or maybe it could be a a dress. This shape is lovely – ooh – this could be my Christmas Party dress! I love the slightly squared scoop neckline and the little lined cap sleeves. This might deserve a better lining though…maybe the gold satin we have in the shop… got the ideas whirring now!


13. Onto something more practical. Polyester viscose lightweight jersey. This will make a great tiny pocket tee as our lovely volunteer in the shop, Bekki, has made several times now.

14. I have this small piece, a scrap basically of this cotton elastane jersey, which I love. I also have some cotton elastane plain black jersey too. I never make anything with panels, this is crying out for it!IMG_6630

But what pattern/style/shape? This colour/pattern block variation on the Coco by Tilly and the Buttons is interesting. I think I only have enough for a top though. would it work as a top…?


Maybe the Fraser by Sewaholic – when I first saw this I was put off by the Sewaholic sample version in punched pleather and sluby sweat but I really like the version below by Marie from A Stitching Odyssey. Yes I think this could work.

15. MORE pink ponte roma!IMG_6640

I’ve made a fab Chloe dress by Victory Patterns in this vibrant stretch fabric, and a matching cropped jacket, both of which I love. So I want to make something different with this remnant of fabric which came to me after discovering it was unsalable (small flaws which I can cut around).

I really like the Davie dress by Sewaholic – with colour block detail. I also have some grey ponte roma so I might try a pink and grey combo. If not it’ll end up as another TATB Coco!

davie sewaholic dress colour block

And last but not least – trims!

I have these lovely buttons which I picked up in London from Ray Stitch. It was the day I met up with my amazing friends Chloe and Laura and we came up with the name for my business Crafty Sew&So. These little shell buttons printed with black ink have a lot of sentimental value and therefore I can’t bring myself to actually use them on anything! One day I will!


And I have a ton of these buttons…


… which I think are calling out to be put on a winter coat… which means I need to make a winter coat! But that’s another blog post entirely!


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