Making plans… stash busting!

So after Me Made May (read all about how it went for me here) I decided to have a good sift through my stash and sort out lengths of fabric which I have enough of to be made into something.


Turns out I have some really nice fabric in my stash! I can remember where each and every piece came from. This can be a hindrance sometimes – I remember what i bought it for but may have gone off that idea since but can’t see any other use for it! So I tried to look at each piece in an entirely new light.

I measured and labeled up all my pieces so I know what I have to play with. I also trimmed off any stray weird shaped bits to make my fabric pieces more uniform- I find I am more likely to use them that way- do you? IMG_6636

So here’s what I have:


  1. An African Wax print – unfortunately not enough to make the fabulous peplum dress they made in the final task of last week’s Sewing Bee – but enough to make a skirt – maybe pleated tulip shape. I really like this style by People Tree.

People Tree | Purple Zandra Rhodes Skirt £90:

I might use the contrast fabric for the waistband or a contrasting hem band or make a matching bag

2. A printed Quilting Cotton picked up from The Village Haberdashery when I visited in January. I bought this to make a Colette Laurel after trying on a similar dress in the Lindon Showrooms on my last trip to London.

I still like it for a laurel I think. IMG_6598

I really like this scallop neckline idea from the Colette Blog so I might give that a go.

scallop neck

3. I have nearly a metre left of this cotton poplin left from making PJs, so I’m planning a Tilly and the Buttons Arielle – a short one as I only have a bit of fabric. If I need to I’ll do the facings in contrast fabric. I picked up these metal buttons in an antique shop in Nottingham and I think they will be perfect for this. they’re not too heavy and just the right size.

4. I do looove this border print and should have bought enough to make a dress with, but i didn’t! lesson learnt!


Feel like this will probably suit a gathered waist 50s style skirt best as the hem needs to stay straight to really show off the border print well. I think I keep avoiding this because it’s quite sheer so maybe I’ll line it with light weight white cotton sheeting.

Note to self: add side seam pockets!

5. Liberty silk -ahhhh soooo gorgeous!


I bought this years ago but have been too scarred to use it!!!

This would make a beautiful simple bias cut top I recon but really I’d like it to be a little bit looser than the usual style I make

I love this double layered effect but I don’t think I’ll have enough fabric-I’ll have to save this idea for a different fabric


6.Poly crepe – turquoise with white spots


Tilly has made a lovely Mathilde top and more recently a Bettine dress (which is high on my to-make list) in this exact fabric!


I only have a small piece so maybe this will be a simple tee with pin tucks-taking inspiration from the detail on the TATBMathilde top

7. Fabulous foxes quilting weight cotton by Robert Kaufman


So this hasn’t been in my stash for long, we only got it into the shop a few weeks ago, but as soon as I saw it i grabbed 2m and have been toying with what to make ever since. it’s a pretty bold pattern which calls for a simple shape. i did toy with using this for a skirt but I’d have the age old dilemma of what tops to wear with it. So when I saw the free pattern with this month’s Sew magazine I thought it would be a great match.


I was doubley convinced on seeing GBSB’s Charlotte in a similar dress in the grey colour way on last week’s episode.

fox dress

GBSB’s Charlotte, not in her finest hour, getting a telling off from Esme, but wearing a fabulous fox dress!

One of my lessons from my Me Made May round up was to make more fun day dresses and I think this fits the bill nicely. I’m going to make view C with little sleeves. I might lower the neckline a little too.

There’s a lot more in my stash so I’ll leave it there for now but do come back next week for stash busting- round 2!



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