Making Plans after Me Made May 16

So originally I had a real downer on Me Made May – seeing it as constraining, just an excuse to show off and, most of all, hard work – but for exactly those reasons, I loved it!

I really enjoyed constructing me-made outfits, delving deep into my handmade wardrobe to dig out old forgotten gems. It also helped me have a good old clear out of some makes that I don’t or shouldn’t wear, like this VERY short full circle skirt!


A very old photo- no way am I getting that much leg out now!

I find it really hard to get rid of clothes I am attached to and have fond memories of wearing – especially me-mades.

By sharing my Me Made May makes I used Instagram a lot more and started to make more connections on there, I really enjoyed seeing what other makers were wearing every day and their new projects coming together too.

Me Made May gave me good overview of what I wear regularly and gave me good reason to  analyse what I wear and what’s missing from my hand made wardrobe.

round up

A little snippet of my Me Made May 16 outfits

The main thing I learn is that I like lots of different styles.

I like fitted clothes rather than looser fits, I like bold patterns but often forget to make plainer clothing so outfit building can be a bit tricky.

During this month I made quite a few items too – By wearing my makes I was inspired to make more.

I finished off my long awaited Tilly and the Buttons Coco top made from some gorgeous sweat fabric I picked up from Guthrie and Ghani back when Freya and I went on a research trip there last June!

I made 2 Agnes by Tilly and the Buttons long sleeve tees – the weather was miserable for most of May and I needed layers! I made this one first and lost the neck band! so I decided rather than cutting out another 1/2 m of fabric I’d just stay stitch then turn under the neckline and twin needle top stitch – It worked really well and I made my 2nd navy blue top in the same way.

I added a little bow to each of them at the neckline to personalise them. One of my New year’s resolutions this year was to use embellishments in my makes more. I really like the little tabs I’ve started putting on some of my makes and must remember to incorporate little details like this into my designs more.

laurel agnes and slipper

I also dug out this simple tee embellished with an upcycled sequin heart motif – I really like this and must do more upcycling and embellishment like this!

So onto the ‘Making’ plans…

These are the things I need more of in my wardrobe:

  1. Skirts- casual skirts and formal skirts
  2. Tops top go with the skirts- something I am terrible about doing is not making matching tops to go with the lovely bottoms I make – like the gorgeous lace pink skirt I made in February but still haven’t made a top to go with!
  3. Agnes tops -in prints and plains – long sleeved for layering and short sleeve too- maybe I’ll try a Sewaholic Renfrew too
  4. Day dresses- I weirdly have very few me-made dresses! That still fit me!
  5. Jeans – I have a pair cut out and waiting for me – i just need to sew them!
  6. A coat – the main thing that let me down from wearing full me-made outfits
  7. Jeggings – I have the self drafted pattern and the fabric- no excuses!
  8. Jumpers for layering – I really like my Coco sweat so maybe more of those, or I also like the Sewaholic Fraser although not really with pleather yoke like the sample on their site! This is a nice version by A Stitching Odyssy

So that’s, well, just about everything! Better get planning!

As I do I will bear in mind the other lessons I learnt:

  1. Add embelishements – tabs, bows, beads, embroidery – Just a little something to make it personal
  2. Make tops to go with skirts
  3. Fit clothes properly then I will actually wear them!
  4. Make layers

All in all it was a good month – even if it has created EVEN MORE ideas and work for me 🙂 TO the stash….




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