My first “BIG” quilt

I never saw myself as a quilter, I’ve always been drawn to dressmaking and homewares projects, but as we’ve been sourcing new fabric suppliers for the shop and started getting more and more lovely quilting cottons in I’m becoming hooked!

After making a few smaller sampler quilts and smaller quilted patchwork projects like cushions and tea cosies, I feel like I’m ready to go the next step. I am making my first “BIG” quilt. It’s only going to be a single size as I don’t want to set my self too big a project and loose interest and not finish it.

I’m using some of the gorgeous Dashwood studio fabrics we’ve just got in  mixed with other coordinating fabrics from the shop and also some recycled clothes and fabrics too.

I used the 1/2 square triangle block which our Crafty Sew&So quilting tutor Harriet taught us in the 6 week block sampler quilt course in our shop. I played around with the pieces after making lots of little 1/2 square triangle pieces and decided they look really fun as windmills. I’m really enjoying seeing this come together.

And I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I can pick this up whenever I feel like it or have free time. I can do 1 block in a spare 5 mins or settle down for an evening of patching.

quilt 2

I’ve pieced all the windmills now and just need to add sashing, wadding and backing then quilt it, trim it and bind it.

Ollie seems to like it already!


The finished quilt will go on the end of our bed and I’ve chosen lots of cat-friendly colours to hide the cat hair as that’s (one of the places) where Ollie likes to sleep. I’m planning to then make a couple of new duvets sets to go with it too. Maybe a new dressing gown too as really need one after mine got eaten by the washing machine!




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