Logging (with a view to using) my fabric stash…

In case you hadn’t already guessed I LOVE Fabric! I have been buying fabric since I can remember. When I’m travelling I always find myself searching out the one fabric shop in town and buying a random piece of fabric with no idea what I’ll use it for but knowing I can’t leave without it!

So inevitably my stash is pretty extensive. I did have a big clear out a few months back and sold some and gifted lots away but I still have a big box of mixed cottons and dress-weight fabrics plus a box of jersey and a box of other mixed fabric pieces!

So in order to make sense of it all I decided to make this board…


This is a visual library of all the printed and plain fabrics I have in one of my boxes.

It’s a revelation- in so many ways- not only of my terrible fabric addiction!

It’s made me realise what I have- every time I go to buy more fabric I can simply look at a photo of this on my phone and check I actually need it… I do of course use the word ‘need’ in a very loose way still! It’s also great for matching fabrics. I can pull this pic out to match trims and other fabrics for projects.

I still have fabrics I bought when I was at uni in London. I bought some turquoise with white spot poly crepe fabric from Goldhalke Road.

I have been holding out for the perfect project to actually USE this fabric for. Then I spotted this fab Mathilde by Tilly and the Buttons top sampled up in this exact fabric at the NEC Stitches show! Now I have my answer!


It has also made me look at the fabrics I have in a different way. I have been wanting to make some patchwork oven gloves for a while but thought didn’t have the right coordinating fabrics for that project – when I put my fabric board together I realised I actually have the PERFECT matching retro kitchen print fabrics plus some coordinating plain fabrics too! I can see from this that I just need a fat quarter of ochre, green or maybe blue fabric and I’ll have a nice mix of prints and plains for my project.

IMG_5611 - Copy


Actually, I might already have something in my fat quarter stash….


I spy some ochre fabric!

I also have an ever increasing stash of fat quarters including some gorgeous prints by my favourite brand Dashwood studios. I used to think that a fat quarter was not enough fabric to make anything but since discovering patchwork and also exploring smaller accessories projects for my workshops for Crafty Sew&So I seem to constantly find new uses for them!

For anyone who hasn’t discovered them yet, fat quarters are the pick and mix sweeties of the fabric world! They are quarter meters of fabric measuring 50cm by approx 55 to 75cm depending on the original width of the fabric -they are a half meter of fabric cut it into a half again to make a very usable squarish piece of fabric rather than a long quarter which is a long thin strip of fabric measuring 25 cm by the width of the fabric.

I’m also discovering projects for all my lovely little scraps too! I’ve been working on a paper pieced hexi project for about a year now! I anticipate it will be at least that again before I have anything usable to make a larger item out of but I have made a couple of little pin cushions and I am really enjoying having this on the go to pick up and put down when  feel like a quick stitch.

patchwork pincushion

Here is a little patchwork pin cushion I have made using my scrappy hexi’s

A customer and friend of mine, Rory, has a novel way of carrying his stash with him. He carries this little string of swatches to reference whenever he requires.


It made a fun game at Sew Sociable * last night trying to guess the composition and think up uses for each fabric.

Another customer Irene, puts her fabrics in large zip lock plastic bags with a post-it to note the amount she’s bought- so clever and useful!

I’d love to hear how you organise your stash, please share your tips in the comments

Happy Sewing!

*Sew Sociable is a monthly sewing meet up in Leicester- look it up and come along!

The sun is out- YEY! Now I can see all the dust- BOO!

Now anyone who knows me well will know that dusting and cleaning rank pretty low on my list of fun things to do. But we are currently having our bathroom re-done and with this prospect of a new shiny bathroom (or I should say shower room as we have gone bath-less) and the immense sheet of dust this has left on every surface in the house… it is time to clean!

Don’t worry I’m not going to blog about the dirty details of the deep clean, no one wants to read my top-tips for de-gunging a plughole! But I will let you in on my progress with the most important room in the house… my craft room!

This is the sorry state it was in last Monday morning!

I started working on re-organising my craft room a few months back and some progress has been made. I’ve installed hooks in the wall mounted cuby unit to create easy access to my sewing essentials.


I’ve made a sewing themed fabric covered pin board for essential info and inspiration and I made another one for downstairs too- mainly for wedding invites!


And I’ve created a box for stuff which doesn’t belong in the room and needs to be moved to a different room…


So the big changes made yesterday and last Monday were getting rid of the dust film and generally sorting my fabrics, patterns and trims into boxes, then redistributing the stuff from the ‘should be somewhere else’ box!

I moved the shelving units around a bit – they were in a bit of a sorry state and requiring a bit of DIY repair so I got the hammer and tacks out. I really like where the furniture is now as it gives me a lot more floor space. I rearranged the shelves too so the top 3 are all my craft books, magazines, business files and lovely jars of trims all topped off with these fab flamingo fairy lights which my lovely friend Chloe gave to me- they are from Talking Tables where she works

I like the table in the corner near the window- this will be great for the light especially as the evenings get lighter.


I want to wall paper the wall behind the shorter shelving unit next as it’s a nice bumpy and and add a a bit of colour to the others. I’m thinking this lovely shade of pink- it reminds me of raspberry sorbet, mmm!


I spotted this gorgeous wall paper available from Spoonflower. I’m a sucker for 1950s style and this is just perfect.


I’m only covering a small wall so I think I should be able to just use 1 roll. It’s still pretty pricey though and as Spoonflower is based in America the postage is high and I always get a bit nervous about customs charges. A little birdy told me they will soon be shipping from a new base in Europe so I’m keeping my ears open for more news on that. 

Talking of 1950s style, in my dream sewing room I’d have one of these as a sewing unit, I think the draws and cupboards would be really handy and the drop down desk is ideal for a sewing machine.


At the moment I have a drop leaf dark varnished wood table which works well. I’d like to give it a bit of a makeover and lighten it up a little. Any suggestions?

I also have plans to make a Roman blind for the window to let in as much light as possible. I’ve had this sweet Clarke&Clarke fabric for a while now so it’s going to be high on my next project list


And of course during the tidy there’s been a bit of obligatory Procraftination!


I covered a dusty old faux leather- as in mounded plastic yuckiness-photo frame with fabric. The fabric is a Dashwood studios print I got in my free goodie bag from Stitches


This was a nice little project and provided a much needed short break from all the tidying!

It’s so nice to have a space at home to enjoy my creative hobby and do a bit of work from home too when needed. I’ll keep you posted on further developments in my craft room.

Right now I’m off to sew and enjoy it with my cat assistant!