Why I’ve been a bit quiet this first half of the year… (spoiler – it’s the one about the wedding!)

I’ve been planning, designing and creating my wedding!

On Thursday 21st June I got married to the gorgeous Mr.Matthew Laws! And became Mrs Sarah Laws!

We had a lovely simple registry office ceremony at the town hall followed by a meal at our favourite restaurant. It was a beautiful day, very relaxed, shared with family and a few close friends.


We could have happily stopped at that but we really wanted to create a bigger celebration to share with as many of our combined friends and family as possible, so on the following Saturday, we enjoyed a big party with 100 of our nearest and dearest!

Everyone says how much time and effort it takes to plan a wedding and they’re not wrong- especially if, like me, you’re determined to DIY as much of it as possible! For me creating a DIY wedding wasn’t so much about saving money, although that was a welcome bonus, it was about creating a truly unique day for me and my husband and all our family and friends and enjoying sharing the creativity in the run-up to the big day!

We decided on a large village hall in a picturesque village in Leicestershire as the venue. The hall was a new build, big and with lots of space outside too. Although it was a bit bland, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was unattractive and it had bags of potential for decorating and prettying up!


With the canvas set, we were ready to get creative!

I always knew I wanted to add lots of personal touches to our special day so I started by doing lots of research and gathering it all together in a mood board. It’s a technique I picked up from working in design and it really helped to work out all the details.


I also set up an Instagram feed to gather images. I set this as a private feed so I could share the progress of my dress and other things that I wanted to keep as a surprise from my other half and any friends or family who wanted to wait for the big day. It’s really nice to have it to look back on and see how it all came together.

Gathering all the images together made defining a colour palette a lot easier.

I also wanted to work with what we had already so we included the red of the curtains to save from paying out to cover them up and I knew Matt wanted a navy blue suit so blue became a feature of the colour palette. I love the sunshine so yellow had to be in there too!

We hired a company to hang drapes and festoon lights to add welcome cosines to the cavernous hall and we added bunting, made by my mum and new mother-in-law, to bring all the colours together.


We supersized the bunting in the main hall for dramatic effect and made small flags for the entrance hall.

The gorgeous schedule board was illustrated by Paul from Bread & Honey


Matt is a graphic designer so he was in charge of the save the dates and invites and thank you cards for the gifts.

He also designed gorgeous gifts for the groomsmen- engraved tankards


And presentation cards for the bridesmaid’s gifts, which were necklaces I made using a combo of a chain, findings and charms from a fab Etsy shop. Plus a little enamel paint!


The mums got simple but effective bracelets with bee charms on.


The bee theme was continued in the table runners which were in bee print and honeycomb print cotton with cotton lace trim.



I knew I wanted sunflowers in my bouquet and we had lovely daisies growing in our garden so that was a start. Me and mum went to the Flower wholesalers and I have to say I found it more than a little overwhelming! But we came away with a few bunches of pompon chrysanthemums, gypsophila, a few sunflowers and lots of ideas! We put together a few small arrangements and were able to settle on a design for a simple buttonhole.


We then went to see the wholesalers again to place the order for our flowers. I added Viking Santini to the mix which are a bit like mini sunflowers. As well as cut flowers, I also ordered my wedding bouquet to be assembled by them.

On the Friday we picked up the flowers and I was surprised by the colour of the sunflowers! They were orange! Apparently, this is because they were English rather than European. The pompom-mums were also a bit paler than I expected. I’ve tried hard not to get hung up on specific colours through-out the wedding planning but with emotions running high I felt something just wasn’t gelling. I totally understand why so many people leave it to the professionals! I took a deep breath and looked at all the shades of yellow-orange together and I decided to add some mid yellow germinis, which helped to blend everything together perfectly.

Mum had also raided a local field to gather ox-eye daisies and some greenery.


At the hall, we trimmed and spilt the flowers and assembled around 30 jam jars and 15 vases- which the family had been gathering from antique markets and charity shops for us!


Victoria, my new sister-in-law, cross-stitched this gorgeous ring presenter and Emma added the text in fine thread embroidery.


Outside, we had straw bales and outdoor games including giant Jenga and hook-a-duck which my sister compiled!


After a windy disaster with the gazebos- I won’t reflect on that too much- we were very lucky with the weather for the rest of the day and we were able to really make the most of the gorgeous grounds. The boys even enjoyed a game of footy and a spot of tree climbing!


We really enjoyed encouraging everyone we know to contribute creatively too.

Dad made the cake and I iced it. It was 2 layers of rich chocolate sponge which I knew was delicious because he’d made a practice one for me to practice icing a few weeks before!



The little figurines were made at my Crafty hen do in the shop along with crepe paper streamers, the table runners and a few other finishing touches.

As well as the main cake, I asked some of my brilliantly talented baking friends to make some deserts.

Emily made a gorgeous chocolate orange cheese cake, lois made a luscious lemon tart and Victoria crates a brownie and blonde mountain. Not wanting anyone to be left out, my dad made dairy and gluten-free lemon cupcakes which went down very well with everyone!

Sarah&Matt-300 small

The main wedding breakfast was provided by Las Tapitas. We started with a selection of substantial canapés- pintxos- little skewers of meat, cheese and other delicious tastes- and tapitas- little tasters of wonderful Spanish cuisine!


These were followed by 3 paella’s- seafood, chicken and chorizo and vegetarian with delicious beans. I think the vegetarian was actually my favourite!


We rounded off the night with cheese- of course as me and Matt are a bit obsessed! Matt ordered this from Leicester market and it was fantastic! The section included my favourite- Blacksticks Blue, amongst others!

We had our first dance to Electic Dreams.

Sarah&Matt-320 smallSarah&Matt-328 small

We were blessed with the most outstanding sunset in the evening too!



It was a truly wonderful and magical day with lots of happy memories created. Most of all I will remember how everyone came together to make it happen in their own personal ways.

Find out more about my dress in my Vlog over on the Crafty Sew&So channel and stay tuned for the next blog post all about the other outfits!

The Sewing Weekender 2018

Well, what a weekend that was! After two years of not being able to attend the sewing weekender, this year I was finally able to go and join 100 sewists for a weekend of sewing fun!


Boz from @fabric.magpie kindly came to pick me up on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to drive to Cambridge. We talked non-stop about sewing all the way!

We excitedly pulled up at the front doors of the Murray Edwards College and were greeted by a smiling Kate ready to help us with our bags!

Whilst Boz parked the car I joined the queue and started chatting to some equally excited new sewing friends. My favourite thing about the weekend was just being able to smile at anyone and immediately start a conversation knowing they are totally on my wavelength!

My fear is always not knowing where to sit, seem silly as I am now full grown adult this must be some deep-rooted thing from school days! Everyone has their hang-ups hey! Fortunately, as I was halfway down the queue, there were only a few spaces left in the room so I parked myself and our bags down at the end of the long table in a fortuitous position near to the irons and overlockers and a bunch of really lovely people, win!


Immediately getting to know you chat started and I had a good nose at what everyone was making.

There was a whole lot of linen going on around me! Mary was making lilac linen Lander pants by True Bias and Yasmeen was working on a Marilla Walker Roberts Collection dungaree in a  beautiful smoked paprika linen.


It made me feel a bit sad I didn’t get round to making anything linen this summer – I got a bit of Linen FOMO! I’ll have to do something about that in time for my honeymoon in Sri Lanka in December!

There were several beautiful Tilly and the Buttons Stevie dresses and tops being made and worn. Natalie, who I was sitting near to was making a beautiful version in Cotton and Steel fabric and was wearing a gorgeous elephant print chambray version- I definitely want to make one now!


My favourite part of the weekend was getting to sew with my sewing piers. I get such a thrill from teaching new learners and seeing them discover new found skills but I don’t often get to sew with more experienced sewists and I found it fuelled my desire to sew more complicated makes. I enjoyed engaging with other dressmakers to ponder the best ways of doing things. I am definitely encouraged to engage more with my fellow sewists in the sewing community.

My fave makes of the weekend were:

Jodie’s Papercut Patterns Waver coat in gorgeous bright green twill


Jen’s beautiful welt pockets on her delicious mustard linen (again with the linen envy!) Deer and Doe Narcisse trousers


Boz’s stunning first placket in Beautiful cotton and steel gold on black signs of the zodiac fabric on her Closet Case Patterns Kalle shirt.

Elena’s Glorious Deer and Doe Myosotis dress in atelier brunette embroidered double gauze. I have half a metre of this to make a cami – wish I had more!

There are so many other amazing makes from the weekend and I’m loving scrolling through the #SewingWeekender on Instagram checking them all out and getting very inspired!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say what I actually made!

I whipped up another My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns Cosy Jersey Dress in this fab Bird and Blossoms Jersey. It was a bit rolly but I attacked it with the overlocker and it came together in no time!


Thanks so much to everyone who organised, attended and enjoyed the Sewing Weekender, you made it sew great!

Happy Sewing!

Sarah x

Plastic Swaps- Toothbrush

So this is the first in my plastic swap series looking at things that I’ve swapped out for non-plastic alternatives. I’ll pledge to try out the swap for a month and let you know how I get on and if I plan to keep the swap or drop the swap.

Swap – Toothbrush

Why swap?
over 3.5 billion toothbrushes are thrown away in the US every year, this amounts to over 1000 tones of polypropylene plastic and nylon going into landfill!

In New Zealand they’ve even got a Toothbrush wall – it’s not just a joke on Flight of the Concords! It was started as a bit of fun, but it does highlight the huge number of plastic toothbrushes that are thrown away.

Swap options:

Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo is a natural cellulose fibre which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The fast growing plant is easily renewable so helps avoid further deforestation. Most bamboo toothbrush brands are packages in card so this is bio-degradable too, they retail at around £3 in the UK. The bamboo handle is compostable and the nylon bristles are apparently recyclable although I’m not sure how you’d remove them to put them in the recycling with getting them everywhere!

Another option is the bio-brush. German based Life without Plastic ( @LifeWoutPlastic ) designed a brush with bristles made from pig hair with a handle sculpted from sustainably harvested beech wood. It is the only plastic free toothbrush on the market. Sounds ok but I’m not keen on putting pigs hair in my mouth!

So Bamboo it is…

My swap:

Bamboo from the Just Shop in St.Martins Square, Leicester, because it’s convenient.

Getting used to the feel of a bamboo toothbrush is the major hurdle. After a few days I was fine with it although it does make my tongue tingle a bit! My husband Matt, on the other hand, was not keen. It was a bit like nails on a chalk board to him.

The bristles feel like a plastic toothbrush’s. One thing to note is that you don’t get the springiness I the handle like you do on some plastic brushes so you have to be careful not to brush too hard- as you can see I am a hard brusher!

The other thing to watch out for is mildew and mould. I find this can happen with plastic but comes off more easily. With bamboo, once the mould is set in it’s going nowhere.

The brush is also now showing signs of degrading – which, in a way, is reassuring as it shows it will break down after use!

Swap or drop?

Think I’ll stick with this one, it’s an easy swap. Once you get used the wood-in-mouth thing!

What’s the alternative to plastic packaging?

Welcome to the worlds first plastic-free supermarket aisle in the Neatherlands.Launched in Amsterdam, the aisle has more than 700 plastic-free products including meat, rice, sauces, dairy, chocolate, cereals, yogurt, snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables. Products are packed in paper, metal, glass and plastic alternatives made of compostable materials, such as plant cellulose, wood pulp, algae, grass, cornstarch, shrimp shells, etc. These look like plastic, but are considered different because they are not not made entirely from fossil fuels and are biodegradable.The most popular is Polylactic acid (PLA), a plastic substitute made from fermented plant starch (usually corn) which is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics. But it still takes a long time to biodegrade. Although it will biodegrade in 3 weeks in an industrial composting unit, it can take up to 100 years in regular composting. The message is still to avoid single use plastics of any kind where possible but at least this is a step in the right direction. UK supermarkets are a major source of plastic waste, producing 1m tonnes a year. A recent pol showed that 91% of UK shoppers backed the idea of a plastic free aisle- we want to make the change, we just want shops to make it easy for us! And surely shops what to make it easy for us to shop! Read more about the plastic free shopping experience in this article from the Guardian and find out why the alternatives still need some work here. Sarah x

Plastic packaging pitfalls already!

Plastic packaging is everywhere! Even when the company is going to an effort in so many other ways!

Take this for example – biodegradable paper straws in biodegradable cardboard box printed with food safe ink (it says so on the side!) – with a non-recyclable plastic window! Gahhh!

It is impossible to buy meat without it being encased in a layer of shrink-wrapped plastic. And you cannot buy a lettuce, even from our local greengrocers, which isn’t encased in plastic film.

I think it comes down to this, we’ve got to get used to seeing less of our food before we buy it!

That’s no mean feet, with food scandals and the like there is definitely a level of distrust when I comes to food buying.

We need to trust that the images on the outside of the box are representative of what’s inside. And companies need to create that trust by using great photography and illustration and not relying on a plastic window.

This is one thing that drives me mad too – plastic sealant on glass jars. I specifically didn’t buy the brand of peanut butter that I usually buy because they’ve now put it in a plastic jar! But I still have to deal with “plastic-gate” no matter what!So much of this is about trust though. We need to be able to trust manufacturers are looking after our food before it gets to us and we need to be able to trust that other customers aren’t meddling either.

Iceland is the first UK supermarket to introduce a new plastic-free “trust mark”, allowing shoppers to see at a glance whether products use plastic in their packaging.

The label will be prominently displayed on food and drink products, making it easier for consumers to choose greener alternatives. Sounds good to me!

You can read more here

For today’s lunch I was super organised and made myself a delicious couscous salad. How long this level planning will continue I don’t know! Probably until about Thursday!

Sarah x

Can I really go “Plastic-Free?”

Plastic- right now it’s about as popular as a cockroach in your kitchen. But it’s there lurking on every surface, in every cupboard and pantry! Sneaking up on you when you least expect it!

It’s unavoidaiable… or is it? I’m going on a mission to find out how to dodge the peril of plastic overload!

#plasticfreejuly is a hashtag challenge on instagram. The organisers of plastic free July compel us to ‘Choose To Refuse’ single-use plastic during July.

I love this graphic from supporter @treadingmyownpath with some top tips on where to start!

The aim of the challenge is to help us change our habits, supporting behaviour change to habitually #choosetorefuse shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups – to name a few. Sounds do-able, sounds like it would make a real change, I’m in!

This conveniently coincides with opening of Nada, our new neighbours at Crafty Sew&So in St.Martins Square.

Nada is a zero waste shop meaning they aim to be Leicester’s first plastic and packaging free store.

So how it works is you to bring your own containers, glass jars and bags to refill directly from a bulk supply of various dry goods, liquids and household products. But unlike those old skip shops I remember going to as a child, Nada has invested in gravity dispensers which provide hygienic way to dispense all kinds of food. Buying in this way also reduce food waste as you only buy what you need. Sounds like a win!

They will also enable you to buy all you would need to help you on your way to living without plastic, with a range of bags, glass containers, toothbrushes, straws and reusable cups and bottles and even more to help reduce single use plastic in your everyday life. Nada will offer all the staples you will need for your kitchen, bathroom and everyday life.

I signed up to their crowd funding campaign to support their launch thinking this would be the the perfect kickstart for my challenge too.

So I’ve decided to spend first week of my challenge looking at what plastics I use and dispose of.

I’ll take a look at what plastics I use everyday and what I throw away and then work out what I can replace these with.

I really think there are going to be some easy swaps but I can already see some things which will be very hard to source without plastic getting in the way. Milk for instance! I’m pretty sure we don’t even have a milkman that I could sign up to have milk delivered from in glass bottles.

So here’s how day one has gone so far…

Day one – lunch, and my first hurdle. I decided I needed to get out of the house, it’s my one day off this week and I needed a refresher before diving headfirst into work tomorrow. So headed out along Queens Road towards Victoria Park. This presents a range of tempting offers but having been off work for the last two weeks getting married and on my honeymoon (more on that in a future blog post!) my budget is somewhat depleted (the perils of being self-employed) and I expect this will be one of my downfalls in this challenge.

I could go for something exotic from Sainsbury’s, maybe a peaking duck wrap or a smoked salmon sandwich. But they are all presented in air-sealed non-recyclable plastic containers. So instead I opted for the local bakery, a slightly tired and old-fashioned looking place but the lovely lady serving inside makes up for that and I (paper) bag myself a egg mayo with salad on brown cob.

No plastic in sight!

Like a good little zero waster, i’ve got my Morsbag with me ready to fill up with fresh fruit and veg from the grocers, but alas, it doesn’t open on Mondays now – when did that happen?! Pftt! Shrink wrapped cucumber from Sainsbury’s it’ll have to be then!

I’m thirsty but I forgot to bring a refillable bottle with me so I guess I’ll just have to wait until I get home. This challenge is going to be a test of my organisation and my memory as much as anything!

Sarah x

Ginger jeans mark 4!

ding ding, round 4 -it’s ginger jeans vs rivets for this exciting revisit to one of my favourite patterns! Yeah, pretty sure I won this round!

And the rivets really finish of my 4tg pair of gingers nicely. I used Prym 12mm rivets and the various pliers tool to attach them. I also picked up a top tip from Guthrie and Ghani’s vlog about using a leather punch to create the holes before attaching the rivets which helped massively.

I added a cute back pocket design to this pair which I think I will carry over to any further pairs I made to “brand” them a bit!

I tweaked the fit taking them in at the knee and out at the calf as usual but this time I actually transferred the alterations to the pattern! So next time I won’t have to fiddle about with that bit too much!

Really happy with these- I’m actually wearing them right now as I write and they are super comfy!

Happy days!

Happy sewing!

Sarah x

Hi new followers!

Hi there! I see that quite a few of you are new to my blog, I’ve had quite a flurry of new followers in the last month or so which is lovely but also makes me realise that I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I’d like. So thanks for the kick up the new-Ginger-jeans-clad butt guys!

It’s also made me have a good think about what I want this blog to be all about. I currently blog, vlog and share my crafting and sewing activities and a number of different channels, both work related and personal…

Crafty Sew&So blog: Www.craftysewandso.com/blog

The blog for all things related to my business, Crafty Sew&So

Crafty Sew&So Youtube:


Our bi-monthly Crafty Sew&So Vlog on Youtube

With news from the shop, makes, reviews and plans. Our makes showcase the patterns, fabrics and tools we sell and our own range of My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns.

Crafty Sew&So on Instagram:


Craftysewandso on Facebook:

@ craftysewandso1

My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns Blog:


And the newest addition… the My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns Makers group on Facebook, a place to share your MHW Patterns makes and for me to share our news and updates and answer any questions about the patterns.

So that’s the business side of things…

But I also like to share my personal makes and thoughts and for a while I did do a personal vlog, blog, Instagram and Facebook – which was just crazy! And pretty repetitive! So I’ve streamlined it and now this is what you’ll get!

Here on the CRAFTYSARAHSEWS blog:

A fortnightly blog showing my latest make.

Fabrics may be from the Crafty Sew&So store but are most likely to be from my stash.

CRAFTYSARAHSEWS on instagram: @craftysarahsews

Snippets of my sewing and general life interspersed with pictures of my cat trying to jeopardise my sewing endeavours and various cheese eating sessions!

Real and un-curated.

And my wedding planning channel (which is private but anyone can join- except my fiancé!)

On instagram: @diyweddingdresssupportgroup

This has turned out to be a really successful way for me to visualise my wedding and bridesmaids dresses, colours, accessories, decorations, flowers etc.

I am abandoning my Facebook page and leaving that to fend for itself.

I’ve signed up to Vero but not really using that at the moment.

So that’s that. It feels great to have a spring clean so my plan is all nice and clear in my mind now!

So look forward to more focussed, regular and hopefully entertaining content on here very soon!

Happy Sewing!

Sarah x

February I’m ready for you- with my 2018 Make Nine

Soooo… many people who know me will know that I don’t make January new years resolutions, I figure it takes pretty much the whole month to get over Christmas and January is a crap month when I usually get a cold (tick) and generally just feel a bit rubbish and battle through! I make February plans instead.

January was pretty much taken over with preparing for the launch of our new pattern range – My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns – at work, and outside of work I spent most of my time under a blanket feeling January-ish.

But February- now that’s whole a different story! February is the start of wedding making! And I am sooo excited to get stuck into it!

I’ve taken a bit of time to think about a make nine which will encourage me to make items I need rather than just want to make.

So here goes from the top left to right:

1. My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns Cosy jersey Tunic and Dress. I’ve already got a dress cut out in this fabric below.

I plan to make lots and lots of variations on this pattern but I need a cosy jumper to get me through the rest of the chilly winter in the Crafty Sew&So Shop so I’ll be making one in super snuggly soft denim marl brushed back sweat next.

Honestly, this is pretty much THE softest sweatshirt fabric I have ever felt, can’t wait to make and wear this! I’ve got some mid blue rib for the cuffs and hem band too. I might do something fancy with the neckline like an add-on shawl collar maybe.

2. So Over It Eve dress

I’ve got 2 m of this poly crepe bought from Walthamstow last August. Not sure if it’s enough for the eve dress but I’ll give it a go. I want to wear this for a wedding in March.

3. This Chaffinch on Navy cotton lawn by lady McElroy

…is another one from the Crafty Sew&So Shop and it will be a full circle skirt. I realised on review of my wardrobe, that I don’t actually have a full circle skirt! I love them so I don’t know why not! I think I might want to line this in navy poplin to avoid a Marilynn moment!

4. Now onto the juicy stuff! I bought a second hand wedding dress from Loros which I am reworking. It’s pure silk- there must be at least 3 metres of it in the skirt- and it’s at the dry cleaners at the mo. I’ve got 2 whole days off next week so I’ll be finalising the design and starting on alterations of the top half then. I won’t be saying much more about it on here for obvious reasons (not that Matt reads my blogs normally but just in case!) so to follow my progress check out @diyweddingdresssupportgroup on Instagram. It’s a private feed but just request to view and I’ll let you in!

5. My fabulous bridesmaid Chloe has designed a gorgeous print which I will use to make the bridesmaids dresses. The style will be similar to the photos- simple fitted bodice with a pleated skirt and cap sleeves- and maybe the low back detail although that could make fitting more tricky. It’s going to be tricky enough with my bridesmaids in Scotland and London! My sister Libby is in Leicester so she will be the first guinea pig!

6. This is the fabric Matt chose for the waistcoats so I’ll be making 4 waistcoats- one for him, his best man and my dad and his dad. They will have navy lining, covered buttons and back and gold buckles and the back.

Serious face for serious fabric shopping! Haha! I think he’s happy with his choice though! 😂

7. Named clothing Kielo- I literally have everything I need for this – fabric, lining- except the pattern. This will be great for our Indian honeymoon. If it goes well I’ll make a few to take with me. Including one with the sleeves add on.

8. I really want to make a swimsuit this year. We have a coverstitch machine at work now which I need to conquer. Attempts so far have been less than successful with lots of skipped stitches. I found out it might be because I need to use stretch needles not ballpoint ones?!?! And a top quality thread like Metler. Anyone have any other tips?

Anyway I like this style for a swimsuit.

9. This is the first draft of a potential new pattern for the MHW range.

Continuing in the theme of making a whole handmade wardrobe of super wearable garments we’ll be adding more wardrobe essentials patterns to the mix over this year. And I’ll be making lots of samples of them all!

Right, best get on with it then!

Happy sewing!

Sarah x

Hello 2018!

Hi guys, just checking in to say a very Happy New Year to you all!

I’ve been a bit absent over here on my blog and my personal vlog over in YouTube of late because I’ve been working on the very exciting “My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns” project.We successfully ran our Kickstarter Campaign and reached our target in time for the deadline at the beginning of December.

Since then we’ve been beavering away completing pattern testing, sampling, photographing, formatting the pattern instructions, arranging printing and sending out the kickstarter rewards. We’re now in the final push towards the launch and we will be celebrating with a lovely launch party on the 20th January at the Crafty Sew&So shop!

Take a look at the My Handmade Wardrobe Patterns blog to find out more and see all the designs!

So a new year always brings new creative plans! My plans for this year include:

– Making my wedding dress! Plus bridesmaids dresses, waistcoats for the boys, miles of bunting and a few other little secret plans!

– Replacing my much loved handmade items which are looking a little tired (handmade every day= actually wearing-out my handmade clothes 😩)

– Making lots and lots more versions of our MHW patterns!

I’m still toying whether to do a make nine – I know will make a lot more than nine garments so not sure if it will be that useful to me but some kind of plan will be needed!

I’m taking part in the 2018 secret valentines challenge #2018sve which I’m really looking forward to.Matt and I don’t tend to celebrate mainly because it’s massively commercial but also because it’s very close to our meeting anniversary on the 6th! We tend to go out for a celebratory burrito (not sure why but it’s a tradition now!) the weekend after.

I love the idea that we are encouraged to use only materials that we currently own. I’m really looking forward to seeing who I get and riffling through my stash to find the perfect fabric!

If you want to get involved in the SVE check it out at http://sanaeishida.com/

o that’s most of the first half of the year planned out! I think things will probably be a little bit quieter and more work-focused in the second half as we hopefully prepare to launch a second range of patterns and plan for another Dressmakers Ball in 2019! So there are lots of exciting plans on the horizon!

Here’s to a happy, healthy and creative 2018!

Happy Sewing! Sarah x